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99 Cent Ebook Today! Steam Drills by Rivera Sun

Rivera Sun’s Birthday Countdown!
Discounts on Steam Drills Ebook for 5 Days!

August 2nd is my birthday . . . so I’m giving a HUGE discount on the Steam Drills ebook for the next five days.  It’s a countdown discount, so for today only, you can buy Steam Drills for yourself or send it to friends for 99 cents! Tomorrow, it starts going up … so use this link to get copies now. 
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You can now read ebooks on everything (except paper), so use the “Give as a Gift” option on the righthand sidebar to get an ebook link emailed to your friends. It’s always wonderful to find in a novel in your inbox. I always love it.

“There’s a story that must be told.
There’s a hero who needs resurrecting.
There must be a revival of the human heart.
And there’s not much time.”
– Steam Drills

Steam Drills is a story of our times . . . we are all Henrietta Owens, juggling children and family as the climate crisis deepens. We are all Jack Dalton, wrestling with our souls as the changes we must make collide with everything we know. Steam Drills is a story of people just like us, propelled through an era of unprecedented change. This is a story to ignite our hearts through the dark night of humanity’s soul. It begins and ends with courage. Love sings through every page. I know you’ll enjoy it.

Find Steam Drills ebook for 99 cents here. 

This year, my birthday on August 2nd finds me counting my blessings for every day of 35 years of life. The best birthday present is being alive, able to rise up in the morning and write, and know that the words are beloved by you, and shared with your friends.

Thank you.



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