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Rivera Sun


Rivera Sun is a change-maker, a cultural creative, a protest novelist, and an advocate for nonviolence and social justice. She’s a love-based revolutionary with astonishing clarity, a visionary progressive with a rare capacity for pragmatic strategy. She is the author of The Dandelion Insurrection and other novels, and the cohost, along with Sherri Mitchell – Weh’na Ha’mu’Kwasset of Love (and Revolution) Radio. Rivera Sun connects the dots between the issues, shares solutionary ideas, and inspires listeners to step up to the challenge of being a part of the story of change and the wild adventure of these times! www.riverasun.com

Novels and Writings

Rivera Sun is the author of many novels, including The Dandelion Insurrection, The Roots of ResistanceBillionaire Buddha, and The Way Between.  She has also published several volumes of poetry and, along with her study guide to nonviolent action, they can be found here. Her essays and writings are syndicated by Peace Voice, and have appeared in Truthout.org, Popular Resistance.org, Commondreams, Dandelion Salad.org, the Fayetteville Free Zone, Occupy.com, and many others.

Rivera Sun carrying the giant Dolores Huerta puppet in Love-In-Action's Activists, Whistleblowers, and Muckrakers procession. Puppet built by Jeanne Green and Marilyn Hoff. Photo by Dariel Garner

Rivera Sun carrying the giant Dolores Huerta puppet in Love-In-Action’s Activists, Whistleblowers, and Muckrakers procession. Puppet built by Jeanne Green and Marilyn Hoff. Photo by Dariel Garner


Rivera Sun travels nationwide, and offers workshops in writing, and making change through nonviolent action. Please visit our upcoming workshops page to find an event near you or contact us.

Social Media Trainings and Service

Using collaborative social media approach, Rivera Sun and her partner, Dariel Garner, work to grow organizations’ social media outreach, allowing these groups to unite, connect, and inspire their participants and allies. In 2014, they expanded the social media outreach of the Metta Center for Nonviolence, and currently they serve Pace e Bene’s rapidly growing Campaign Nonviolence project, working with their organizers, staff, endorsing groups, and participants to develop social media skills, support and uplift the movement, and build sincere relationships through the medium of social media. For more information about our approach, or to bring these techniques to your organization, please contact us!

Love (and Revolution) Radio

Rivera Sun at a reading. Moby Dickens Bookshop, Taos, NM

Rivera Sun at a reading. Moby Dickens Bookshop, Taos, NM

Love (and Revolution) Radio is a weekly radio program cohosted by Sherri Mitchell and Rivera Sun. We focus on stories of creative nonviolence, resilience and resistance, matters of the heart and spirit, and bright ideas to light the dark night of the soul, and tools you need for the times we’re in! We are Love (and Revolution) Radio on podomatic, stitcher, SoundCloud and itunes.  Sign up for our weekly email with the podcast link here.


  1. Jim Limbach Jim Limbach
    January 2, 2015    
  2. lola lola
    September 9, 2016    

    I just read Rivera Sun’s article “Sing the Body Politic, Electric. I have never been so moved as I was when reading this article. It is because she has captured the feelings I have and, I am sure, millions of other Americans have, whether they have read the article or not.
    I am 82 years old and I have had my share of suffering and sorrow, as does every American. I am so very discouraged with the state of affairs in America. I have lost all faith in our government and politicians to redeem the true American spirit I remember so well.

  3. September 9, 2016    




    The Secret to Happiness ~ We Are Happening!
    Find what brings you alive; and do it.
    (not what “I should” to prove that “I’m good,” or good
    at being bad)
    Look to meet people enjoying it too;
    layer texture to our view,
    expand our field of play.
    Lather, rinse, repeat
    as necessary.
    Take it out to the street when necessary.
    Do what you need to be
    what you wish to see.
    Do what only you can.
    Make this happening grand!
    Do it today.

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