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Each week, Nonviolence News brings 30-50 stories of “nonviolence in action” to readers, illuminating the scale and scope of how nonviolence is actively shaping our world. These stories reflect nonviolent action and nonviolent practices, including constructive programs, alternative institutions, and policies rooted in structural/systemic nonviolence. Nonviolence News is a sister project to Nonviolence Now.

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Nonviolence News: July 7-13th In this week’s Nonviolence News, you’ll find stories about how nonviolent action kept libraries from closing in the UK, saved Madrid’s low emission zone law, launched a #metoo movement in Armenia, planted 66 million trees in half a day in India, and turned a night highway road construction sign into a “Global Warming At Work” sign in Houston, TX. If you’re like me, you’re always on the look-out for bright ideas for how to make real change. Nonviolence News delivers these stories. Read more >>

Nonviolence News: June 30-July 6th In this week’s Nonviolence News, you’ll find ten heartening victories! The migrant rescue ship captain in Italy was released this week when a judge ruled that she was not breaking the law. On the heels of that announcement, a second migrant rescue ship challenged the Italian right-wing interior minister by docking a second boatload of rescued migrants. This is a perfect example of why Nonviolence News matters: when we share the true stories of nonviolence, it inspires others to take action, too. Read more >>

Nonviolence News: June 24-29th In the United States, reports on the horrific conditions in migrant detention centers – particularly for children – have millions in an uproar. New York City and DC protests featuring children in cages helped to galvanize people into action. Japanese-Americans protested at the site of a former interment camp that is being converted to hold migrants. Employees of a supply company walked out of work in protest of their company’s profiting off human rights abuses. Read more >>

Nonviolence News: June 16-23rd In this week’s news, you can learn about how Fearless Cities are transforming municipal governments to improve the agency and well-being of the citizens. You can learn from the 2015-16 Macedonian Revolution. You can peruse reflections on the turning point of the 1979 Shoreham anti-nuclear protest that mobilized 15,000 people.  An article on Japanese protest debunks Western stereotypes about their culture. A book review of a new resistance book offer insights into how principled and strategic nonviolence are more alike than different. Read more >>

Nonviolence News: June 9-15th This week’s Nonviolence News features a new iconic image of nonviolence. The “Shield Girl” photo comes out of Hong Kong’s recent mass protests against the Extradition Law (to mainland China). A few weeks ago, we shared this story of 53 powerful photos of women in protest. Perhaps they need to add a few images! I’d say “Shield Girl” is #54; along with #55, the “Sudanese Statue of Liberty” in Sudan. They join the images such as the “Girl in the Red Dress” at Gezi Park in Turkey, Ieshia Evans in Baton Rouge facing down a line of cops in a flowing dress to protest for Black Lives Matter, the Indigenous woman kneeling with a feather at the anti-pipeline blockade with Elsipotog First Nation, Bree Newson on top of the flag pole dropping the Confederate Flag, and so many more. Read more >>

Nonviolence News: June 3- 8th Sudanese protesters show courage in the face of danger as more than 100 people were massacre during a nonviolent sit-in as the pro-democracy movement pushes for a democratic – not military – transition. Read more >>

Nonviolence News: May 26th-June 2nd Often times, we ask ourselves: are we really making a difference? Does nonviolence “work”? Did anything actually change? The short – and long – answer is YES! In this week’s Nonviolence News, several stories highlight both small and significant changes that have come about because of nonviolent action. A recent study shows that the student climate strikes are shifting people’s hearts and minds in regards to the climate crisis. Even more importantly, climate action is propelling people to change their behaviors, policies, and practices to more sustainable solutions. Read more >>

Nonviolence News: May 19-25th This week’s Nonviolence News is a stunning reminder of the extraordinary diversity of what we call “nonviolence”. In Taiwan, a man nicknamed “Rainbow Grandpa” saved a village from being bulldozed for high rise development by painting every single building with murals. In Italy, dock workers refused to load a Saudi weapons ship headed for Yemen, stating that they wouldn’t be complicit in the war. In South Africa, miners are entering day four of an underground sit-in strike for improved wages. Read more >>

Nonviolence News: May 12-18th By the numbers, Nonviolence News covers stories that involve millions of people. This week alone, Nonviolence News contains stories about 100-200,000 French protesters, 300,000 teachers on strike in Poland, thousands of Uber drivers striking while hundreds shut-down the street in front of company headquarters. We also have articles sharing hard-won lessons from three recent revolutions: Algeria, Sudan, and Catalonia’s (still underway) independence movement.  Read more >>

Nonviolence News: May 5-11th In this week’s Nonviolence News, star power is having an impact. Hollywood organized a boycott of Brunei hotels in protest of their death penalty for gay sex laws – which were backed away from this week. Meanwhile, three film and television production companies pulled out of Georgia (which  makes billions from the industry) in protest of their anti-abortion laws. Queen’s guitarist has issued a call for a new “Live-Aid Concert” to fight climate change. And, a new environmental “effect” has been identified called the “Attenborough Effect”. Read more >>

Nonviolence News: April 28-May 4th This week’s Nonviolence News illuminates how nonviolence unleashes both our power and our immense creativity in making change. In Australia, surfers are holding “paddle-outs” to protect a beach from oil drilling. In Zimbabwe, people are planting tall grass in potholes to call for political accountability. Read more >>

Nonviolence News: April 22-27 This week’s Nonviolence News contains some stunning victories. Nurses strikes are on the rise globally, representing important international effort for both access to affordable healthcare and fair working conditions for nurses. Stop & Shop workers won a tentative deal and went back to work with better wages and benefits. The Sudan Uprising continues its effort to ensure a democratic transition instead of military control. They are holding mass singing demonstrations with the slogan, “instead of a rifle, bring a violin”. Read more >>

Nonviolence News: April 14-21 This week in Nonviolence News, Extinction Rebellion shines center stage … along with salamander crossings shutting down major roads and an activist superglueing herself to Shell HQ in London. Read more >>

Nonviolence News: April 7-13 This week’s Nonviolence News is celebrating how Algeria and Sudan toppled their dictators amidst massive protests. You’ll also find stories of victories and on-going actions for an amazing broad range of issues. Tech workers are organizing to halt AI ethics violations and rein in the surveillance state. Mongolian herders stopped a corporate behemoth from stealing their land. Gamers are upending industry conferences as they organize for a union. Stop & Shop grocery workers are on strike in the northeast United States. Read more >>

Nonviolence News: March 31- April 6 This week’s Nonviolence News is bursting at the seams with new campaigns and bold actions. What’s my favorite bit of news this week? A new report shows that in 2018 labor struggles, there were 21 major work stoppages involving 485,000 workers, compared with 25,000 in 2017. Nonviolent action is on the rise … and that’s a good thing.  Read more >>

Nonviolence News: March 24-30
This week’s Nonviolence News contains a stunning 63 stories from 54 different news sources. Fourteen victories swept the movement of movements, including some unexpected successes. And that’s just for starters. Enjoy this week’s Nonviolence News … and share it with a friend.

Nonviolence News: March 17-23
Yet another 50+ story week! That makes close to 200 different uses of nonviolence in the past month. I’ve always had a sense that people are using nonviolent action far more frequently than even nonviolence advocates like us suspect. Keeping track of the stories through Nonviolence News each week proves it. If we can make visible to more people how staggeringly robust the uses of nonviolence are in our world, it would go a long way to building the credible track record of nonviolence in the eyes of the general public. Read more.

Nonviolence News: March 9-16
Every week, I collect true stories of nonviolence in action. Once again, this week’s round-up is full of inspiration. Once again, I’ve collected 50+ stories. My highlights include the student climate strikes (look at the photos – wow) and the creative action section. Inequality.org reports that Marie Antoinette has apparently resurrected and is moving to Capitol Hill (of course). As always, even this round-up is not an exhaustive list. “The world is made of stories,” said Muriel Ruskeyer. And our world is full of nonviolence in action. Read more.

Nonviolence News: March 3-8
This weekly round-up illuminates how often nonviolence is used in large and small ways by ordinary, extraordinary people all around the world . . . and in our own communities. It can be reposted with a link back to the original posting. This week’s round-up includes Women’s Day highlights, gun control victories, eight stories of global campaigns, and more! Read more.

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