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Tapping Into People Power

Tapping Into People Power

by Rivera Sun, Editor of Nonviolence News In times like this, many of us feel powerless to do anything about the political, social, and environmental injustices we face. But, power is everywhere. Like sunlight and solar panels, it’s a question of tapping into it. Accustomed to the top-down power of presidents and CEOs, most of […]

Nonviolence News: Knowledge is Power

How much can you learn from this week’s news?Nonviolence News: June 23th, 2019 Editor’s Note from Rivera Sun: This week’s Nonviolence News includes a robust “Knowledge and Reflection” section. These stories reflect the booming field of study around nonviolence.  Scholars, activists, journalists, researchers, and movement trainers have been churning out articles that help us understand how […]

Chippewa Nation Blockades Acid Pollut...

On July 22nd, 1996, members of the Anishinabe Ogichidaa (Chippewa) Nation living on the Bad River Reservation in White Pine, Michigan, blockaded trains carrying sulfuric acid to a nearby copper mining operation. A Toronto-based corporation hoped to inject 550 million gallons of acid into the mine to extract ore. The EPA granted permission for the […]

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