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Celebrating Grace Lee Boggs

Celebrating Grace Lee Boggs

On June 27th, 1915, Grace Lee Boogs was born in Providence, Rhode Island, above her father’s restaurant.  Grace later said, “because I was born to Chinese immigrant parents and because I was born female, I learned very quickly that the world needed changing.” Over her 100 years of life, she would, indeed, change the world […]

Helen Keller: Socialist, Pacifist, Wo...

Helen Keller: Socialist, Pacifist, Women’s & Workers’ Rights Advocate

The name Helen Keller conjures up, for most people, a deaf-blind-mute girl learning to communicate via sign language. It’s a scene straight out of The Miracle Worker, the biographical play recounting Anne Sullivan’s role in reaching young Helen Keller. But the miraculous part of Keller’s story is not that the way she learned to fingerspell […]

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