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Language of Landscape

A Poem by Rivera Sun Learning words for landscapeplace-terms in the language of geologyan incantation linking my wayward soulwith tenterhooks and spiderwebshair-thin roots and curling pea shoot tendrilsanchoring my humanity to this earth:tuckamore, vly, chockstone, fen. Can you feel the wilds awakeningwithin you at their sound? Stirring like spring,fertile and feral:hummock, loess, nickpoint, pediment,oxbow, portage, riprap, scarp. […]

Sing the Body Politic, Electric

Sing the Body Politic, Electric

Recently, I traveled by train across the US in a swaying, creeping journey that took me through the backyards and forgotten corners of our country. Here, you see the America that doesn’t make it into the slogans of presidential campaigns. These back alleys are not evoked by the statistics and demographical jargon politicians use to […]

Bread and Roses Strike begins Jan 11 ...

Bread and Roses Strike begins Jan 11 & 12, 1912

This week is the 104th anniversary of the Lawrence Textile Strike that later became known as the Bread and Roses strike. On Jan 11th and 12th, 1912 women working in the textile factories of Lawrence, Massachusetts walked out en masse and started a two month strike that would later become known as the Bread and […]

Old Grandmother Soul

Old Grandmother Soul

If you want me, wait. My soul is speaking like an old grandmother, taking her time, rolling pearls of wisdom around in her mouth, then slowly releasing them off the tip of her tongue. Her voice rasps and gravels run ragged with time, lean in to listen or her message sweeps past your ears like […]

Solstice Poem – Ancient Times

Solstice Poem – Ancient Times

Ancient times ago, before the birth of written words the world hunkered down between the grip of winter and waited, humans half-hibernating, sleepwalking through long frigid nights, and brittle glass days, curling into woolens like corkscrews, conserving energy for the great burst of spring. All winter, we rested, pulled in tight to our cores, replenishing […]

North Country Mornings

North Country Mornings

North Country Mornings from Skylandia: Farm Poetry by Rivera Sun On north country mornings, you can slip between worlds as easily as stepping out of bed, rising half-groggy, and walk out into the mist. Light frost etching lace on every gold meadow stalk, fog hung off the ponds hushed and reverent, breath of earth on the […]

Love like the High Desert and the Rai...

Love like the High Desert and the Rain

Sitting on my altar, in the place of honor all new writing creations share, is this hand-stitched poetry chapbook (pictured right) that I made recently as part of my “Ode to the Southwest” holiday gift package (with sage, piñon incense, and some treats I’ve grown to love while living here). Here’s my favorite poem from the […]

New Release! Skylandia: Farm Poetry f...

Dear Friends, Life is full of surprises . . . including this unexpected, delightful new volume of poetry: Skylandia!  As we eagerly approached the much-anticipated release of Billionaire Buddha, we had an opportunity to feature an afterword from a much-respected researcher and policy advocate in the field of wealth and income inequality. In the spirit of including […]

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