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The Roots of Resistance


All of your favorite characters from The Dandelion Insurrection are back! Charlie Rider and Zadie Byrd Gray may have won a revolution, but “they’ve got more problems than centipedes have legs” – as lawyer Tansy Beaulisle puts it. The new president can’t be trusted. The rich and powerful refuse to step down. A mysterious group called the Roots slips a violent edge into the heart of the movement. When the media cooks up a love affair between Zadie and the Roots’ leader, it takes every ounce of Charlie’s courage and compassion to keep the Dandelion Insurrection moving forward.


The Roots of Resistance
PRE-ORDER the sequel to The Dandelion Insurrection! The Roots of Resistance will be released on (or before) March 15th. All pre-orders will be shipped then. You're in for a wild adventure as the indomitable dandelions rise to the challenge of intrigues, deception, love triangles, and sabotage with the passion and bold action that will leave you cheering for more!


“Love thrusts the world through eternity and carries us forward into the infinity of tomorrow. With love, the pivot of change emerges, and we find the lever that is long enough to move the world. With love, the arc of the universe bends toward justice, the spirit of humanity soars, and the flood of life revives.”
​- From The Roots of Resistance


Read this review of the novel and here’s what early readers are saying:

My reading chair just became the best place to be. Thank you, Rivera Sun! High adventure is guaranteed in the (Dandelion Insurrection) sequel! – W. H.

Started reading last night during our first snow storm of the season and what a read this is! I have to hold back or I will read the whole book all at once. It’s that good!!! – P. M.

“She wrote a SEQUEL?!!!!” And before the squeal (from my kid) had faded, I realized I was going to be second in line to read Rivera Sun’s newest book. I knew I should have ordered 2 copies of The Roots of Resistance. – K. L.

These two books are not only page turners, but they’re also “how to” when it comes to transforming our mindsets and thus the world we live in – and more importantly the world our children areinheriting. – J. L.

I’m about 15% into the book, but wow! Don’t miss this opportunity! – S. T.

Oh my GAWD I love (the new character Alex Kelley) and what an addition to the Dandelion Insurrection! – L. P.

I’m loving this book. Thanks Rivera Sun, for offering such great possibilities of what we all can do to right the wrongs of this nation. – R. F.

Remember The Dandelion Insurrection? If not, read it now. Then back its sequel, The Roots of Resistance. Through both books, you’ll experience a world in which resistance is wild, joyful, unstoppable, and fertile. Wouldn’t you love to live in such a place, for a few hours – or forever? – H. Z.

The Dandelion Insurrection was ahead of the curve (prophetic and insightful really) and the same is true for The Roots of Resistance. The characters are facing the very issues we’re facing and they are Strong!!! – J. L.



Excerpt from “The Roots of Resistance”

Behind the curtains of the star-strewn sky, just beyond the edge of ordinary sight, Love churned as vast as plate tectonics and as powerful as thunderstorms. It pressed against the edges of reality, seeking to crack the barriers of awareness that blocked it. Zadie recognized this Great Love – the kind that sears the soul and hauls us back from human folly, the Love reverberating in revolutions of the heart, the Love that scorches cruelty away as it rises, the Love that breaks our hearts and turns out its contents to those in need.

Life wants to live, but more that that, it wants to love. Simple survival is not enough. Mere procreation leaves mothers turning their faces to the wall and fathers hanging from the rafters. Fallen in the wasteland, thirst alone may leave us collapsed, abandoning our bodies to the vultures. But love? For the hope of saving our children, seeing our beloved, or protecting our communities, we stagger to our feet and stumble forward on the burning sand. To save her granddaughter, an elderly woman can find the strength to lift a crushing vehicle. For his father, a son plunges into the flames of a burning house. We shoulder the unbearable, accomplish the impossible, endure the unthinkable by the intensity of our love.

These stories of love emerge on every continent, in every town. Multiplied by millions, they create a song of life louder than the small-hearted survivalists, richer than the death mongers and their addictions. More enduring than despair, more grounded than hope, this song reverberates in the genetic strands of humanity, woven into the biological structure of human life. Deep in history, our foremothers loved their children. Far in the future, our descendants love their families. In this present moment, which hangs like a bead of dew on the grass stem of time, where the life of the planet lies clouded by question marks and the body of humanity lies massive and sprawled in a wasteland of our own making, the love song of our ancestors and descendants is calling to us to rise. The hymn of life hums in the throats of our brothers and sisters. The chords of evolution roar and bark, howl and hiss, warble and moan from the tongues of fellow animals. The wind strikes the harp strings of the forests and marshes, prairies and mountains. The great tympani of the coasts booms and crashes across the cymbals of sands and the drum barrels of rocks.

All that is needed is to listen. The love song of the world enters our souls through the language of life. Our touchstone of strength forms the shape of our beloveds. Courage surges into our limbs. We rise. One foot steps in the direction of change. This is the Love that thrusts the world through eternity and carries us forward into the infinity of tomorrow. It sings overhead, scouring the barriers of reality, looking for an opening.

“They were leaderful, colorful, creative, and unruly,
hard to control, impossible to stop.
It was madness. It was glorious. It was the Dandelion Insurrection.”
– From The Roots of Resistance


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