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Monthly archives for December, 2015

Nonviolence vs. Nazis: Five Lessons t...

Nonviolence vs. Nazis: Five Lessons to Trounce Trump

US politics are enough to give everyone nightmares of Donald Trump as Hitler minus the mustache. He’d drop a nuke on ISIS. He wants a registry of all Muslims. He decries economic inequality while profiting from and being the epitome of the problem. He’s white, male, and millions of prejudiced, mass media skewed Americans seem […]

North Country Mornings

North Country Mornings

North Country Mornings from Skylandia: Farm Poetry by Rivera Sun On north country mornings, you can slip between worlds as easily as stepping out of bed, rising half-groggy, and walk out into the mist. Light frost etching lace on every gold meadow stalk, fog hung off the ponds hushed and reverent, breath of earth on the […]

Love like the High Desert and the Rai...

Love like the High Desert and the Rain

Sitting on my altar, in the place of honor all new writing creations share, is this hand-stitched poetry chapbook (pictured right) that I made recently as part of my “Ode to the Southwest” holiday gift package (with sage, piñon incense, and some treats I’ve grown to love while living here). Here’s my favorite poem from the […]

Looking Home-Grown Terrorism In the E...

(This is a guest post from Sherri Mitchell, a member of the Penobscot Nation, Indigenous Rights Attorney, and my cohost on Love (and Revolution) Radio which premiers Jan 1, 2016.) Carly Fiorina’s lies directly resulted in the attack at Planned Parenthood. There is no denying this, since the shooter quoted her when he was apprehended. […]

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