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Monthly archives for April, 2016

Earth Day and The Great Turning

Earth Day and The Great Turning

As we commemorate Earth Day on April 22nd, we are called upon to recommit to protect our planet, and ensure that the human species and our fellow beings will have a long-term future. Founded in 1970, Earth Day is an internationally celebrated day, honoring the natural systems of the planet, and a day of action […]

The Frontier Gandhi: Khan Abdul Ghaff...

The Frontier Gandhi: Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan

Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan was born on Feb 6th, 1890 in the Peshawar Valley of British-controlled India. At the age of twenty, Ghaffar Khan founded a village mosque school, and began his revolutionary work against British colonial control with what his contemporary Mohandas K. Gandhi was calling “constructive programme”. He worked tirelessly for independence and […]

Helen Keller: Socialist, Pacifist, Wo...

Helen Keller: Socialist, Pacifist, Women’s & Workers’ Rights Advocate

The name Helen Keller conjures up, for most people, a deaf-blind-mute girl learning to communicate via sign language. It’s a scene straight out of The Miracle Worker, the biographical play recounting Anne Sullivan’s role in reaching young Helen Keller. But the miraculous part of Keller’s story is not that the way she learned to fingerspell […]

Letter from a Birmingham Jail

Letter from a Birmingham Jail

On April 16th, 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was sitting in a stark jail cell in Birmingham, Alabama, where he had been arrested for engaging in nonviolent direct action. An ally had smuggled a newspaper into the jail that contained the recently published piece, A Call To Unity, written by eight local white clergymen […]

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