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Monthly archives for July, 2016

You the Great!

You the Great!

“A voice of one is better than the voice of none.”  This sentence sums up much of my approach to speaking truth, demonstrating, and showing up. I’m not waiting for the crowd, for the great leader, or for the glorious revolution. I want to speak up, show up, stand up. I don’t care if I’m the […]

Who Will Speak for the Voiceless?

Who Will Speak for the Voiceless?

The forest sways in ripples of green. Wind sends the dappled sunlight sparkling through the branches. These are the things we forget in the heat of the political season. There are few politicians who will speak on behalf of all people . . . and even fewer who will speak for the beings that comprise […]

Vote Fear and Fear Wins

Vote Fear and Fear Wins

Watching the electoral cycle this year is like watching an old movie from a warped film reel with the sound out of sync. The puppet figures of politicians go through the meaningless gestures. The familiar slogans and catch phrases groan from twisted mouths, distorted and odd. A maniacal fervor pulses in the expressions of the […]

South Africa’s Anti-Apartheid P...

South Africa’s Anti-Apartheid Port Elizabeth Boycott Begins

On July 15th, 1985, South Africans in the Port Elizabeth Township began a boycott of white-owned businesses to undermine the legitimacy of apartheid. A group of women suggested the idea of the consumer boycott, which was met with a 100% compliance rate.  Within five days of the boycott, a Member of Parliament noted that the […]

Chippewa Nation Blockades Acid Pollut...

On July 22nd, 1996, members of the Anishinabe Ogichidaa (Chippewa) Nation living on the Bad River Reservation in White Pine, Michigan, blockaded trains carrying sulfuric acid to a nearby copper mining operation. A Toronto-based corporation hoped to inject 550 million gallons of acid into the mine to extract ore. The EPA granted permission for the […]

Nigerian Women Occupy Chevron

On July 8-18th, 2002, six hundred Nigerian women between the ages of 20 and 90 nonviolently seized control of the largest oil plant in the country. The women were demanding employment for local men, and for Chevron to pay for infrastructure development for their communities. Carrying only food and cooking pots, the women took over […]

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