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Monthly archives for September, 2019

Nonviolence News: People and Planet A...

Nonviolence News: People and Planet Are Worth More Than Gold

Editor’s Note from Rivera Sun This week’s Nonviolence News is packed with stories about people redefining what’s important in our world. A fleet of cruise ships has been coming to the rescue in the Bahamas, eschewing luxury trips for helping people. The Seminole Tribe has been airlifting drinking water to Bahamas for nearly a week. It seems […]

Nonviolence News: Algerians Push Forw...

Nonviolence News: Algerians Push Forward For Change

Editor’s Note from Rivera Sun In this week’s Nonviolence News, we share an unexpected side effect of nonviolent revolution: Armenia is seeing its diaspora return following last year’s uprising. Meanwhile, the Algerians continue pushing forward in their 29th straight week of protests. After ousting their decades-long president and clearing out numerous offices, they now won’t let the […]

Nonviolence News: Mexico’s Glit...

Nonviolence News: Mexico’s Glitter Revolution & Reading Beyond Headlines

Editor’s Note from Rivera Sun When you’re scanning Nonviolence News, what should you look for?  With 30-50 stories each week, we can watch brewing trends, rising campaigns, and get a bird’s eye view of nonviolence in our world today. Nonviolence News’ weekly round-up offers us not just individual headlines, but a chance to see nonviolence […]

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