Love (and Revolution) Radio is a weekly radio program cohosted by Sherri Mitchell and Rivera Sun. We focus on stories of creative nonviolence, resilience and resistance, matters of the heart and spirit, and bright ideas to light the dark night of the soul, and tools you need for the times we’re in! We’re glad you’re looking for a weekly program like this! You can ask your local station to run our program, and you can also sign up for our weekly email with the podcast link. We’re fun. We’re friendly. We’re Love (and Revolution) Radio.

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PS. Want to tell us something? Feedback is welcome. You can send me an email here.  And, if you’re wondering where you can listen to an episode just to check it out, here’s our podcast link. And a few great shows:

Ending Just War Theory In the Heart of the Vatican
Fortune’s Fools: A Pair of One Percenters Who Gave It All Away
Americans Who Tell The Truth: Art and Education As Resistance
The Commons: Reclaiming Our Humanity with David Bollier
Transforming Cops, Kids, and Whole Communities With Peacebuilding
Waging Peace With Paul Chappell
Emergence and Global Transformation In Movements For Change
Nonviolent Classrooms and Public Schools with Robin Wildman

About your co-hosts:

Sherri MitchellSherri Mitchell (Penobscot) is an Indigenous rights attorney, writer and activist who melds traditional life-way teachings into spirit-based movements. Follow her at Sherri Mitchell – Wena’gamu’gwasit and visit her website




Rivera Sun is a n11032014_856295694409882_6523541593330363529_novelist, and nonviolent mischief-maker. She is the author of The Dandelion Insurrection,Billionaire Buddha and Steam Drills, Treadmills, and Shooting Stars. She is also the social media coordinator and nonviolence trainer for Campaign Nonviolence and Pace e Bene. Her essays on social justice movements are syndicated on by PeaceVoice, and appear in Truthout and Popular


Local Broadcasts!
(Your local radio station can carry our program. Ask them! It’s an hour long, with a break in the middle for a station id, and designed for public broadcast.)

The following stations have carried Love (and Revolution) Radio:
Portland, Oregon – KBOO, every Wednesday at 6pm PT. Listen here.
Olympia, Washington – KOWA 106.5 FM, 1 AM Sunday and 10 PM Tuesday. Listen here.
Sarasota, Florida – WSLR, every other Tuesday from 9-10am ET. Visit to listen.
Bar Harbor, Maine – WERU, every 3rd Wednesday of each month at 10am. Visit to listen.
Moscow, Idaho – KRFP-LP: Radio Free Moscow
Shirley, MA, Liberty & Justice 1640 (1640 AM & 87.9 FM), Mondays 12 – 1 AM