The Crown of Light is here!
Ari Ara’s newest adventure needs YOU.

Hip hip hooray! The newest book in the award-winning Ari Ara Series is finally here! The latest, thrilling story weaves love and danger, friendship and peace into an exciting tale that will keep you turning page after page. With all the fun of a high fantasy, but without the violence, The Crown of Light weaves a breathtaking story with young peacebuilders and a gripping mystery at its heart. You can pick up yours today by supporting the Community Publishing Campaign. 

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The Community Publishing Campaign brings together a community of readers to fund the publishing costs of releasing The Crown of Light. Exciting and fun, this crowdfunded launch relies on the beautiful web of people like YOU to help bring this great book into existence.

From covering printing costs to offering discounts to classrooms, the Community Publishing Campaign supports an entire year of making magic happen. Author Rivera Sun visits dozens of classrooms and public libraries each year, speaking with young readers and teaching peace. The Community Publishing Campaign makes it possible to place books in school libraries, send gift novels to the young beta-readers who offered feedback on the manuscript, and much more.

In the jagged peaks of the Border Mountains, Ari Ara revives the ancient legend of the Peace Force, gathering friends and strangers to stop violence and prevent war. With the Way Between guiding their footsteps, they set out to wage peace. Before long, an unexpected threat makes them take drastic action.

Mysterious raiders are attacking the villages, burning homes and terrifying families. Fingers point to the secretive Paika. After all, their clans have survived centuries of war by double-crossing and backstabbing everyone else. But when young Finn Paikason is caught spying on the Peace Force, he swears the raiders are imposters. Ari Ara wants to believe him, but can she trust him? She can’t be certain – especially since this boy with storm-tossed eyes might be stealing her heart.

Stopping clan feuds and thwarting bandit ambushes, Ari Ara and her friends seek the truth amidst a web of lies. Old enemies come back to haunt them. Friendships are strained to breaking. Tensions heighten between the two nations. When the Lost Heir is taken hostage, the Peace Force races to solve the mystery before the sparks of violence erupt into a raging inferno of war. (Read an excerpt from the first chapter on the Community Publishing Campaign.)

The Crown of Light delivers a powerful message of peace
along with all the action, adventure, magic, and fantasy that readers love!

The award-winning Ari Ara Series has been taking the fantasy genre by storm, winning acclaim from peace activists, parents, teachers, and readers of all ages. Boldly challenging the narrative around violence and war, the series is taught in schools, celebrated in book clubs, and highly recommended by librarians, families, and activists. 

Get The Crown of Light here.