The Lost Heir: Ari Ara Is Back!
An Unruly Royal. An Urchin Queen. A Quest for Justice.

Are you ready for an adventure? The Lost Heir, sequel to The Way Between is almost here! In less than one month, the next part of our remarkable shero’s journey from mountain shepherdess to warrior’s apprentice to royal heir will be available. Ari Ara is headed for Mariana Capital, a world of nobles and fashion, politics and intrigue . . . and injustice, as she’s about to find out. The Marianan’s have driven a hard bargain with their mortal enemies: a year’s worth of water for a year’s worth of work. Desert People by the thousands have become bonded laborers in the factories, mills, noblehouses, and river docks of Mariana.

Ari Ara is appalled to discover how her mother’s people have forced her father’s people into servitude. When she sets out to end the Water Exchange, unexpected allies – such as the Urchin Queen, a desert seamstress, a mysterious Hawk Keeper, and her old friend Minli – come to her aid. And just in time! As fast as Ari Ara makes allies, enemies pop out of the woodwork . . . and one of them is trying to kill her.

Sounds like an adventure, alright! This novel is packed with action – nonviolent action, that is! Unlike the usual sword-swinging books in this genre, Ari Ara wields the tools of nonviolence and peace. Unarmed peacekeeping, de-escalation of fights, mass strikes, constructive programs, solidarity actions, youth mobilizations, disruptive campaigns, reconciliation work, and much more all appear within the pages of this book. This is an adventure like no other.

Our launch date is mid-November (before Thanksgiving) and we’ll be releasing it via our annual Community Publishing Campaign. As you know, all my books come to you by way of an ever-growing team of readers who work together to publish the book. Thanks for your support throughout the years and with this newest novel!

Start telling your friends. We’re in the final countdown to the launch.
Yours in the adventure,

PS Be sure to check next week’s newsletter for a sneak peek of the cover to The Lost Heir . . . and the new cover for The Way Between!