Brian Heater, author and counselor

Brian Heater, author and counselor

(Update: since writing this article, Brian Heater has co-founded the Love-In-Action Network, an exciting new multi-nodal organization that teaches and engages in nonviolent action. I highly recommend reading more about it . . . Love-In-Action NetworkHere, Brian offers his reflections on love-in-action – a tantalizing phrase for those of us who stand with one foot in heart-based circles and the other foot in social/political action. Ever since hearing the phrase in filmmaker Velcrow Ripper’s documentary, Occupy Love, the words have echoed like a mantra . . . and a challenge. Thank you Brian for tackling the complexity of these words!)

I have had a new awakening of sorts recently about love. I was encouraged by my recent discussions with friends that, in this time of great change, we indeed need to put our love into greater action. Why may you ask? First of all, I believe love is the greatest force there is. Compassion and loving kindness transforms others. Love creates miracles. In this age of a broken system and unsustainable way of life we need to reevaluate what love actually means for you and I. Is it just the way we treat others? Is it a way of life? Or is it more than that? What does it mean when we become love in action?

As a writer and counselor I have focused a lot of my time helping people with self healing and well-being work. This of course is an essential part of change. The inner work that we do makes ourselves more loving and patient; less stressed and healthier…these are all important in our transformation. I still believe that personal inner work is one key to positive world change. Self actualization is essential and it has helped evolve our society in many positive ways. Through this process many of us have come to understand that we are all connected. This is a key. Over time I have also realized that that there is something that needs to be emphasized in this equation. This is the role of community and conscious action. My work has since expanded to include conscious living – the aspect of becoming aware of our actions and how they affect our larger circle and society. This work in itself has led me to the belief that positive direct action based on love is essential….love in action defines the way we function and live. It is the survival tool for the 21st century and beyond.

What is action? It is defined as “the state or process of acting or doing”. That is, what we are doing in our lives is an “action”. This could include our words, our deeds, how we treat others, what we purchase, how we spend our time, what we speak out for, what we eat, etc., etc. To a certain extent we are in a state of action most of the time. This leads me to an important conclusion: that direct action is a crucial part of a larger cultural change. Without action in our world there is no movement and no change. Without action there is no evolution or transformation. All of what we do in the world is made up of many small acts on a minute by minute basis. We do make a difference when we act with love. Isn’t this a powerful idea?
Our personal action of love is the first step. It reverberates out to others. Indeed we are all made up of energy. Science and spirituality are slowly merging. What we think and feel does matter. What we project in our hearts and minds does alter the larger energy field. It is important to be aware of this. Each thought we take is an action. The movement of energy itself is an action. When combined with a loving intent and compassionate focus you and our world transforms…step by step, from the old competitive paradigm that no longer works to the new cooperative one that does.

Taking that personal action of love a step further and becoming love in action on the larger level is also essential for our world. We can do important work as individuals, but we need to expand this to the larger group and society. We have to connect with others. We need to give our energy to help others. We have many social, economic and environmental issues that need to be recognized and acted upon with love. We cannot just sit back and watch. We cannot be idle. We are called to action. We all have our skills and talents. Find that thing that you love. Use that skill that you have and be “love in action”. Each step we take, each experience, each action of love we take is a powerful thing.

Everyone has their personal path of love in action. There are many paths one can take. The important thing is to take one. Find your internal compass and take small steps each day. When we take daily conscious steps of love in action we change ourselves, the world and those around us forever.

Brian M Heater is an author, new thought counselor and conscious living advocate. His most recent book 30 Steps to Conscious Living is available on Stay tuned for his newest evolutionary novel The Mystic Paradigm to be published Spring 2014

For more information on his work, free articles and other information please visit: and also the Love-In-Action Network.