A note from Rivera Sun:

I know many of us are hunkered down in our houses, responding to the crisis as best we can. I’ve decided to put my books and novels on sale (20% off) to help out parents who want engaging reading for their kids. The Ari Ara Series – including the newly released Desert Song – is perfect reading for these times. With its focus on peace and its high adventure plot twists, it’s the kind of book that absorbs readers and offers a great take-away message.

You can find all my books and novels here.

I hope this helps you and your families. These are challenging times. We can each do our part to make them a little easier.

This sale also helps out Amazon workers – as many of you know, Amazon workers are on strike today, demanding hazard pay and safety measures as they pack and ship your orders. By ordering via my author website, you alleviate the pressure they’re under. Believe me, I am not overworked in the packing and shipping department, and you’re more than welcome to try to overload my shipping capacities. (Hah!)

I’m at home in New Mexico right now, tucked away in my earthship, working on the newest manuscript and trying to support others in a variety of ways. I may host some free Zoom Author Talks and Q & A’s in the coming weeks. Hang in there.

Much love,

Rivera Sun