BB First Ed 9Dear Friends,

It’s here! The First Editions of Billionaire Buddha arrived in the mail today … and they’re ready for readers like you! Order a copy through my website and I’ll tuck a special note of thanks into the envelope along with your signed copy of the book. It will take another week (at least) for the novel to be made available through the major online booksellers, so I highly recommend ordering directly from your favorite red-headed authoress.

Inside the First Edition, you will find the incredible, beautiful list of Community Publishers who supported the People’s Publishing Campaign last spring. At the end of the novel, you’ll find an afterword from Dariel Garner, the man whose life inspired Billionaire Buddha. You will also enjoy the reflections of Chuck Collins, a man who gave away a fortune in his youth, and has spent his life working to end income and wealth inequality. He writes about launching a movement for the 100% and inviting our brothers and sisters with wealth to come home to the human family. Powerful words from two men who have walked on either side of the great wealth divide in this country! I feel honored to share the real life stories of these two remarkable human beings who both decided that love and connection was worth more than millions of dollars.

“Rivera Sun has written a work of inspirational and transformational fiction!  Instead of a “rags to riches” story –Billionaire Buddha is a “riches to renewal” journey – reminding us that great wealth doesn’t buy happiness –and is also a barrier to deeper meaning, human connection, and personal liberation. An enjoyable read for one’s heart and soul.”

–Chuck Collins, senior scholar, Institute for Policy Studies, co-founder, Wealth for the Common Good & Patriotic Millionaires; co-author with Bill Gates Sr. of Wealth and Our Commonwealth: Why America Should Tax Inherited Fortunes.

Early readers of the book have been sending me messages and emails about how moving they are finding the book. Below are some of the comments.

Carol Ranellone: Sad when I finished reading that I couldn’t continue to spend more time with this “Billionaire Buddha”! Clear and conscience look at our times and its dire need for a real change to heart based living.

Paul Hawley: I’m less than 20 pages from the end of the new book, but in an unfamiliar effect, it’s making me slow down and savor each page even more deeply than what’s gone before. I thought I’d be done days ago, but I truly don’t want it to end.

Rob Garvey: OK, I ordered one of the “early editions” of this. I got halfway through it. I then ordered a couple more for my a pair of friends. I finished the book. Then I re-read it. Yeah. I think the book is THAT significant. Really glad to see it in regular publication now. After reading this book, well, I can’t really look at the world and my place in it quite the same way again … Buy it. Read it. Share it with friends. And go beyond …

You’re invited to join the story! Read the book and send me your thoughts!Here’s where you can order a copy.

Much love to everyone!

Rivera Sun

PS: Here is the line-up of upcoming events! 

October Workshops and Events

Sat, Oct 17th, Creative Nonviolence: Peacemaking in the 21st Century, Oakland, CA, 8:45am-3:00pm, All day workshops with facilitators from around the country, and keynote panel with Sr. Megan Rice, Rivera Sun, and Elizabeth Murray. St. Elizabeth High School, 1530 34th Ave, Oakland, CA (walking distance from Fruitvale BART). Pre-registration $20; at the door $25; no one turned away for lack of funds. Includes continental breakfast and lunch. Questions and registration at oaklandcatholicworker(at)

Sun, Oct 18th, Seeds of Change Workshop, Chico, CA. 12:00pm-5:00pm, Riparia Farm Barn, 2300 Estes Rd., organized by Chris Nelson. Join us in a beautiful, comfortable indoor/outdoor space for an inspiring and connecting afternoon workshop on nonviolent action. This workshop will bring you hope, courage, and practical skills. Drawing from inspiring stories of nonviolent action, you’ll learn how to bring people together, create a plan, and become a vibrant part of the growing Movement of Movements that is sweeping across the nation and into our lives! Bring your friends, neighbors, elders, and students. Together we’ll explore how ordinary people can make extraordinary change! Donations accepted, no one turned away. All welcome. Contact Chris Nelson for location, and with other questions:  530-345-7590.

Thurs, Oct 22nd, Billionaire Buddha & Nonviolent Action to Address Income and Wealth Inequality. 3:00-6:00pm, Portland State University. Smith Memorial Student Union at PSU, Room 327. 1825 SW Broadway. Presented by Students United for Nonviolence (SUN). Rivera Sun will speak about her new novel, Billionaire Buddha, and lead a session on nonviolent strategies to address income and wealth inequality. This strategy session builds on Prof. Erica Chenoweth’s presentation from 12:00-3:00pm (Please contact PSU for ticket information. There are no tickets needed for Rivera’s session.) Former multi-millionaire Dariel Garner will also speak at the event. Dariel Garner is a recovering member of the o.o.1%, and the inspiration for the book, Billionaire Buddha. This is a full day of incredible speaking, learning, insights, and awakenings! Come join us!

(Personal note: I’m looking forward to presenting at Portland State University along with Professor Erica Chenoweth (pictured to the right), a leading researcher in the field of nonviolent civil resistance, and someone I am honored to call a friend. Erica’s work has deeply informed my own understanding of nonviolent action, and has been a source of excitement and empowerment for thousands of people.  Watch her amazing talk here. )
Sat, Oct 24th Beyond Violence: A Spiritual Journey 9:30am-2:30pm, lunch provided. First Unitarian Church, Portland, Oregon. Join people from all parts of the community for a day of dialogues, skill-building, and inspiration. Participants will envision a world beyond violence, gain practical training in moving beyond violence, explore the spiritual dimensions of leaving violence behind, and engage in small group discussions around violence. All are welcome! Free of charge or by donation. Featured panelists & presenters: Author/Activist Rivera Sun; Rev. Kate Lore, Minister of Social Justice, First Unitarian Church; Terri Shofner, Chairperson, Oregon Fellowship of Reconciliation.