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Book Sale!

A note from Rivera Sun: I know many of us are hunkered down in our houses, responding to the crisis as best we can. I’ve decided to put my books and novels on sale (20% off) to help out parents who want engaging reading for their kids. The Ari Ara Series – including the newly […]

10 Ways To Make the Change You Want

By Rivera Sun As the editor of Nonviolence News, I collect 30-50 stories of nonviolence in action each week. Each story offers us a take-away lesson for our own work for change. These lessons offer us best practices and pro-tips from our fellow human beings who are working for change around the world. We can learn from […]

Beyond Changing Light Bulbs: 21 Ways ...

Here’s the good news: The debate is over. 75% of US citizens believe climate change is human-caused; more than half say we have to do something and fast.  Here’s even better news: A new report shows that more than 200 cities and counties, and 12 states have committed to or already achieved 100 percent clean electricity. This means that […]

Blind Date w/ a Book; Take Home an Ad...

Note: The Blind Date w/ a Book Sale is limited to the United States. We like to have fun around here. Hence our “Blind Date with a Book” sale. This weekend, Thurs-Mon (Nov 21-24), for every book you buy on my website or publishing campaign, I’ll send you a FREE surprise  “Blind Date Book”.  Wrapped in […]

It’s time. End the draft, once ...

It’s time. End the draft, once and for all.

We may be months away from ending the US military draft, once and for all.  After a court ruled that the male-only draft was unconstitutional, a Congress-appointed Commission has been studying whether or not to draft women into the US military. They make their report in March, and will likely either advocate for expanding draft […]

What Song Will You Sing?

What Song Will You Sing?

This is an excerpt from Desert Song: A Girl in Exile, A Trickster Horse, and the Women Rising Up. You can get this new novel through our Community Publishing Campaign here. When the first touch of lengthening shadow broke the afternoon heat, Ari Ara forced herself through a set of training exercises in the Way Between. […]

9 Reasons To Love The Ari Ara Series

9 Reasons To Love The Ari Ara Series

by Leah Cook You can find the Ari Ara Series, including the two new books, via our Community Publishing Campaign. If you’re new, check out the Whole Series supporter level. Just looking for the first book in the series? Visit my online store. Let me tell you what’s really cool about this series: 1. It’s […]

Desert Horses

Desert Horses

This excerpt is from Desert Song, Rivera Sun’s newest novel. You can get a copy by supporting the Community Publishing Campaign. Thank you! A stunning view spread before them. The city’s dwellings ended abruptly at a chest-high stone wall. Cliffs plummeted down a hundred feet to a narrow lake fed by the river that cascaded […]

In Fact and Fiction, Women Resist the...

In Fact and Fiction, Women Resist the War Machine – Rivera Sun Takes Action

Wage Peace! Women vs. the War Machine.How women – in fact and fiction – push back against war. As I ship out stacks of books that celebrate the heroics of waging peace, I’m struck by how relevant and real these stories are. On the pages of Desert Song, women are rising up to keep a […]

The Sleeping Giantess: My Statement O...

On Nov 13th, 2019, I delivered a statement to the National Commission on Military, National, and Public Service opposing the expansion of the draft to women, and demanding the ending of the draft for all genders. The NCMNPS is a court-ordered, Congress-appointed commission charged with finding out if the US public would support expanding the […]

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