2-hr Webinar w/ Authors & Activists Rivera Sun and Nina Koevoets
Wed, June 10th at 1pm ET/7pm Central European Time

Today we have a unique opportunity: we as humanity are at a crossroad where we can choose to continue with the violent practices that have brought enormous destruction to our planet and all beings OR we can develop nonviolent practices and shift to more peaceful, sustainable and cooperative ways of being on this planet. This is “the New Story”. But how do we change the story?  In this 2-hr webinar changemakers, writers, and peace activists Nina Koevoets and Rivera Sun will take you on an adventure that explores this question. You’ll get to know tools for re-imagining your personal story and tapping into the mythic imagination. Together, we’ll look at how to frame our experience of the world as a story, replete with archetypes, challenges, wisdom speakers, discoveries, and even a fellowship of friends. If you’ve been trying to make sense of all the rapid changes we are experiencing, come explore how the architecture of story offers a bridge from the world we’re in to the world that’s yet to come. 

Date June 10. 1PM Eastern Time/ 7PM Central European Time

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