Great news! You are just slightly over a month away from getting your hands on the long-awaited sequel to the much-loved Dandelion Insurrection. The manuscript is in the final, wildly exciting throes of editing. The cover is gloriously beautiful (I’ll share it in the next newsletter, I promise), designed by Asch Phoenix Design. And, I’m preparing our Community Publishing Campaign so we can bring this book into the world together! Wait ’til you see the beautiful thank-you gifts in the works . . . you’re gonna love it.

Here’s a sneak peek: these are Dandelion Bookmarks from a block carving I recently made. It’s a new art form for me, and I think I’m hooked. Plus, last winter I spun yarn on my drop spindle while listening to movement-related conference calls . . . and each bookmark will have a strand of this thread to weave our hearts together in these times.

Also, big thank you’s to all the loving prayers, cards, and kind actions on behalf of my health. It’s working. I’m one treatment shy of being done with chemo and am feeling better than I have in over a year! It’s been an intense summer, and I’m very, very grateful for all of the support that has come this way. My cancer markers are down to next-to-nothing, and a full recovery seems very likely. (Knock on wood for me, will you?) I have been blessed with excellent doctors and healers who have worked cooperatively with both conventional and complementary treatments to keep me strong through this whole process. I owe a debt of gratitude to them, because without them, writing The Roots of Resistance would really not have been possible!

So, mark your calendars for the anniversary of The Dandelion Insurrection’sNovember 8th release. I’m aiming for that date to launch the Community Publishing Campaign. Our world’s hungry for a great story of creative resistance . . . and The Roots of Resistance is a fun, strategic, exciting, and unexpected ride from start to finish! You won’t want it to end.

Love and Revolution to you all,

Rivera Sun

PS Here’s a sneak peek of an excerpt from the novel. No spoilers, I promise. After all, you already knew that I’d write about love somewhere in the book, right?

Excerpt from The Roots of Resistance, by Rivera Sun
Stories of love emerge on every continent, in every town. Multiplied by millions, they create a song of life louder than small-hearted survival, richer than greed mongering, more enduring than despair, and more grounded than hope.

This song reverberates in the genetic strands of humanity, woven into the biological structure of human life. Deep in history, our foremothers and fathers loved their children. Far in the future, our descendants love their families, too. In this present moment that hangs like a bead of dew on the grass stem of time, where the life of the planet lies clouded by question marks, and the body of humanity struggles, massive and sprawled in a wasteland of our own making, the love song of our ancestors and descendants is calling to us to rise.

The hymn of life hums in the throats of our brothers and sisters. The chords of evolution roar and bark, howl and hiss, warble and moan from the tongues of fellow animals. The wind strikes the harp strings of the forests and marshes, prairies and mountains. The great tympani of the world’s coasts booms and crashes across the cymbals of sands and the drum barrels of rocks.

All that is needed is to listen.