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Good books are great friends during tumultuous times. The best ones entice our love of adventure while grounding us for engaging with the changes in our world. At least, these are the stories I love best, the ones I write about where people like us teeter on the cliff’s edge of adventure and uncertainty, and ultimately come out shining. We’re offering 20% off all my novels in our Summer Reading Sale on our website. It only runs for 4 more days (until June 18th) so take a peek. It’s a great time to get a copy of your favorites to give to friends . . . and to pick up the book you haven’t read yet.

Best summer reading photo: The Way Between is being enjoyed my Norwegian friend Emily on a beach in Spain. (Yes, the novels do get around. They’re being read across the world, especially now that the kindles and ebooks are available.) Ari Ara’s fantastic adventure story is the perfect book for dropping out and tuning in, reconnecting your heart to courageous peace-making. It’s delightful. Emily says: Yes! Yes! Yes! I can highly recommend this book! Loving it! It is truly magical and Ari Ara is a thrilling character. I was already hooked from chapter 1. The book is called “The Way Between” and it is amazingly written. 

I’m glad you’re enjoying it, Emily!

Whether you’re raring to go with the nonviolent movement in The Dandelion Insurrection or looking for inspiration for climate action via Steam Drills or yearning for a (somewhat) enlightened perspective on wealth along with the Billionaire Buddha, these are books that will engage the heart as deeply as the mind. Enjoyable and engaging, they find that rare balance between giving our world-weary minds a rest while avoiding the mindless numbing of so much of our books and movies. Here’s where to find our Summer Reading Sale, 20% off all books, and a super-great shipping rate: http://www.riverasun.com/online-store/

Be sure to visit the website – we have discount shipping rates to go along with the sale. There’s nothing like getting a stack of books in the mail just when you’re itching to kick back and relax for a moment. Enjoy!



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