Ari Ara Wins Silver Nautilus Award!
Desert Song is the second novel to win this social justice fiction honor.

Great news! Desert Song has just won a Silver Nautilus Award – the second book in the Ari Ara Series to be honored in this way! The Nautilus Awards are for socially-engaged fiction and I’m tickled pink to have two of Ari Ara’s novels be awarded this distinction.

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I’ve been polishing and revising the fourth novel in the series. It brings together characters from both sides of the border to build peace and prevent conflict in an intergenerational peace team. The story is inspired by friends and colleagues who do this work in real life – it’s courageous, inventive, and sorely needed in our world. The Silver Nautilus Award is a reminder that weaving these kinds of great efforts into compelling fiction is exactly the sort of visionary fiction humanity is longing to read. 

In other news, I’m spending the summer co-facilitating some amazing online courses (see info below) on connecting across divides, nonviolent action, nonviolence and the earth, and much more. Enjoy and spread the word.

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PS Each week, Nonviolence News collects some extraordinary stories of nonviolence in action. This week has some stellar examples, including how Yacqui women dismantled an illegal pipeline and sold it for scrap metal. It’s a joy to edit this collection, and I hope you’ll enjoy the fruits of this joyful labor by checking out Nonviolence News here>>

Upcoming Webinars

Disarming Conversations, Connecting Across Divides: In this time of increasing polarization, ordinary people like us can help disarm hate, connect across divides, and decrease the likelihood of violence. This series will help you gain skills in communicating with people who hold views opposed to our own – whether they’re family members, neighbors, coworkers, or others. In this 8-week program, you (and an amazing cohort of participants) will explore practices for connecting across divides, disarming conversations, unlearning hate, dealing with toxic polarization, applying interpersonal nonviolence, de-escalating political tensions, unpacking misperceptions, opening space for change, peacebuilding, using radical empathy, and more. (May 25-July 10) Learn more>>

Nonviolence In Action – Strategy & Planning Webinar: Join nonviolent strategy trainer Rivera Sun for a 2-hr webinar that introduces strategy and planning for nonviolent action. This webinar is fun, friendly, and open to people of all experience levels. You’ll learn the guiding principles of how to make change with nonviolent action, how to think strategically, and how to design powerful campaigns for change. (June 3) Learn more>>

Reading To End Racism With Kids, Grandkids & Young People:  In this 4-week webinar, Reading To End Racism Cofounder Daniel Escalante will guide you through how to use personal stories and books to open up meaningful conversation about the impacts of racism and how to dismantle it. This course will offer trainings, practice sessions, and weekly assignments in applying the knowledge we’ve explored each week.(Starts June 10) Learn more>>

Learning From the Earth – A Summer Solstice Virtual Retreat: In this Summer Solstice Nonviolence Retreat, we will open our hearts and minds to the many ways that the Earth embodies and teaches us nonviolence. We sometimes think of our species as either the destroyer or the savior of the planet, but in this webinar we will reframe our relationship into one of solidarity and interconnection. From a place of humility and respect, we will remember the profound lessons of living systems. (June 19) Learn more>>

World Beyond War Book Club on The Way Between: Support the movement to abolish war AND get a free novel. Author Rivera Sun will join World Beyond War’s fundraiser bookclub for FOUR weekly online sessions in July to discuss peace literature, teaching peace to young people through books, and how stories can help us build a more peaceful world. Limited spots! Learn more>>