Rivera Sun harvesting potatoes in New Mexico.

Rivera Sun harvesting potatoes in New Mexico.

One year, my relatives gave me a cow for Christmas … not a real cow – a Project Heifer Cow. As a kid, I’ll admit to scratching my head over that one, but, now that I’m an adult who has outgrown pink foot pajamas, dolls, and toys, gifts for social change make me really excited! I don’t need another “thing” to collect dust or a gift card to corporation I’d boycott because they don’t pay living wages.

All I want for Christmas is support for the Movement of Movements.

These are the people who train our friends and neighbors in nonviolent action. They stop environmental destruction, work for living wages, halt wars, protect Net Neutrality, stand up to police violence, combat propaganda with truth, and thwart unjust trade deals . . . in other words, they’re on the front lines of life and death, working on your behalf every single day.

If you’d like to give me something for Christmas, make a donation to one of these amazing groups. Here are my picks for organizations and endeavors to support. If you’d like donate as a gift to me (or the world) this season, I’d appreciate that more than a card or a hand knitted sweater. (I’ve got sweaters, what I need is social change.)

Campaign Nonviolence: building a culture of active nonviolence to end war, poverty, and the climate crisis. This incredible group mobilized people in all 50 states to partake in 250 actions Sept 21-27th. In 2015, they will mobilize for 1,000 nonviolent actions to end all forms of violence and build a culture of peace. (I do their social media and outreach work. Thanks for helping with my modest salary. You’re underwriting my novels.) Donate.

Rivera Sun presenting a film screening at Moby Dickens Bookshop

Rivera Sun presenting a film screening at Moby Dickens Bookshop

Moby Dickens Bookshop: did you want to send my novels to someone? Support the evolution of Taos’ local bookstore into a community hub that will be screening my social justice film picks this winter, among other amazing community events! Back a Bookshop!

Popular Resistance: the most remarkable source of citizen journalism covering the efforts and actions of ordinary, extraordinary people in the Movement of Movements. They are gearing up to mobilize the nation. Your support now is perfectly timed! Mobilize Change.

Metta Center for Nonviolence: the most heartfelt, soulful, in-depth source of nonviolence training I have ever run across. Highly active in the Bay Area, they also have a weekly radio show (Peace Paradigm Radio), and conduct workshops all over the country. They run the whole operation out of a barn. I’ve slept on their floor, beneath the photo of Gandhi and a spinning wheel. Support Today’s Gandhis!

Truthout: excellent investigative journalism in an era of lies, propaganda, and sound bytes. They also, btw, publish your favorite red-head’s opinions. Amplify the Message.

World Beyond War: if you believe it, it will come. The abolition of war may sound farfetched … but the journey of a 1,000 miles begins in a single step. At one time, abolishing slavery seemed impossible. Believe.

Merry-ChristmasThank you all for your generosity … and all forms of that generosity from volunteering in your community to fundraising through bake sales to film screenings to participation in marches to those interminable meetings. It’s all a part of the Movement of Movements!

Now, I’m off to mail Dandelion Insurrection books out to lucky holiday gift-givers.

With love and gratitude,

Rivera Sun