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Six weekly sessions of 1.5 hr each – approx.

Goals of the Course:

This online course is a basic introduction to principled and strategic nonviolence using Pace e Bene’s Engaging Nonviolence Manual. It is intended to provide an opportunity to build community while studying nonviolence. Participants will connect with up to 50 people who share their interests in discovering the many dimensions of active nonviolence. Using small and large groups, facilitators Veronica Pelicaric and Rivera Sun will guide the participants through explorations into the personal, interpersonal, and social justice aspects of nonviolence. This Community Course is designed to be accessible, fun, friendly, and fearless. Using an online platform, participants can engage with this exciting field from the comforts of their home. The course will familiarize participants with the overall contents of the Engaging Nonviolence study program which will serve to foster personal growth, healthy relationships and work for world peace.

Weekly Themes:

Week 1: Understanding Nonviolence; Unpacking Violence

Week 2: Exploring Nonviolence: Going Deeper

Week 3: Conflict & Community: Using Nonviolence In Our Lives

Week 4: Nonviolence, Emotions, & Inner Awareness

Week 5: Principles of Nonviolence: Gandhi, King, and Beyond!

Week 6: Building a Culture of Nonviolence: Why We Need Nonviolence In Our World

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Requirements: All participants need to purchase the Engaging Nonviolence ManualIt can be bought on Amazon or directly from Pace e Bene. The course will be held on Zoom. Participants must have internet access, and microphone and video on their computer. Each week, participants will be expected to complete weekly readings/viewings and come prepared for group discussions online.

Participants are strongly encouraged to invite friends and community members. Shared knowledge increases the power of active nonviolence in our communities!

Maximum number of participants per course: 50

Cost: $80 USD for the 6 sessions. Register below. If you are in need of a scholarship, a few are available, just let us know. Email Pace e Bene Nonviolence Service at info(at)