From Resistance Lit to the Attenborough Effect
Nonviolence News: May 11th, 2019

Editor’s Note from Rivera Sun:In this week’s Nonviolence News, star power is having an impact. Hollywood organized a boycott of Brunei hotels in protest of their death penalty for gay sex laws – which were backed away from this week. Meanwhile, three film and television production companies pulled out of Georgia (which  makes billions from the industry) in protest of their anti-abortion laws. Queen’s guitarist has issued a call for a new “Live-Aid Concert” to fight climate change. And, a new environmental “effect” has been identified called the “Attenborough Effect”, referring to when Richard Attenborough spotlights something like plastic pollution, the problem – and its solutions – start making headlines and causing plastic pollution to plummet worldwide.  

But that’s just the tip of the amazing Nonviolence News headlines. Did you hear that the US-Mexico Border fence is about to become the world’s longest peace-themed mural? Did you hear about the Virtual Peace Museum that plans to use online technology to illuminate the footsteps of the world’s greatest peacemakers? This week’s Nonviolence News is full of interesting stories: a seniors’ read-in in Canada protested library funding cuts. A caged child installation appeared on the Capitol Lawn in protest of Trump’s family separation policies. Resistance Lit is a growing genre of literature-as-protest.

What’s my favorite creative story this week? Extinction Rebellion, calling attention to the pollution of the fashion industry, just made my thrift-store wardrobe an act of resistance. They’ve called for a one year boycott on buying new clothing. I’m participating, of course. (It’s nice to be in style for once.)

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PS Oh and don’t miss this! Julia Ward Howe’s Mother’s Day Peace Proclamation received a 21st Century update from yours truly . . . with the collaboration of friends at Code Pink. Watch the video and read it here.

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Nonviolence gets the goods. Each week, we report on victories that have come about because of nonviolent struggle and community organizing.

Following international backlash, (including a Hollywood boycott of Brunei hotels) Brunei announced they will not impose the death penalty for gay sex. Read more >> 

The “Attenborough Effect” is causing plastics pollution to plummet, demonstrating the important role celebrities can play in making change.  Read more >>

In the wake of Extinction Rebellion mass actions, Ireland declares a climate emergency, becoming second country (after the United Kingdom) to do so.  Read more >>

Official denies permit for Jordan Cove Liquid Natural Gas export facility and the Pacific Connector fracked gas pipeline which have faced fierce opposition
for more than a decade by a grassroots coalition.  Read more >>

Indigenous women reclaim stolen land in Bay Area, using voluntary taxes and land donations.Read more >>

Vermont and Maine replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day.  Read more >>

Montana becomes first state to remove a confederate statue and replace it with new art.  Read more >>

There’s more happening that you think. Here are some new campaigns and recent actions coming from the growing movement of movements.

Indian jute mill workers to go on strike on May 14th.  Read more >>

Indian cotton farmers movement to use Indigenous seed costs Monsanto millions.Read more >>

Canadian seniors hold a read-in at a public official’s office over library funding cutsRead more >> 

#CaravanToCanada crosses border to get cheaper insulin and other life saving medical supplies.  Read more >>

Millions march for legal access to marijuana. On Saturday May 4 and Sunday May 5, cannabis advocates around the world participated in the Global Marijuana March as the event enters its 21st year.  Read more >>

20,000 Czechs protest for the second week against the appointment of a Justice Minister whom they fear will obstruct an investigation into the Prime Minister.  Read more >>

French actors and writers back Yellow Vest protests as 18,000 marched on May 5th across France.  Read more >>

One of Europe’s last migrant rescue ships defies political pressure to continue its mission.  Read more >>

Woman arrested in Poland for posters of Virgin Mary with LGBTQ rainbow background. Read more >>

Indigenous women in London take a stand in solidarity with Canadian First Nations women against human traffickingRead more >>

Uber & Lyft Driver strike stops ride shares in cities across the US in advance of Uber’s public offering.  Read more >> 

Researchers advocate increasing the minimum wage in order to reduce suicides.Read more >>

Citizens march to protest pesticide killings of local bee population.  Read more >>

In a searing rebuke to Attorney General William Barr, hundreds of former federal prosecutors have signed a letter stating that obstruction of justice charges should be brought against President Trump.  Read more >> 

7 Johns Hopkins University students arrested over building lock down that protested the plan for privatized campus police. Read more >> 

US high school students hold walkout and march for classmate facing deportation on graduation day. Read more >>

Virginia Tech students protest how university handled sexual assault after a student’s tweet goes viral. Read more >>

Tens of thousands of Oregon teachers walked out over lack of support for public schools, shutting down 600 schools. Read more >>

After his head was slammed against the pavement, 15 year old Delucca Rolle helps lead a 100-person march in Fort Lauderdale protesting police brutality. Read more >>

Alabama state congressmen’s protest stops attempts to circumvent due process to pass controversial abortion ban. The vote is postponed until next week. Read more >>

Three Hollywood production companies pulled out of Georgia filming in protest of the recent abortion ban.  Movie and TV production is a multi-billion dollar business in the state. People are calling for more companies to follow suit.  Read more >>

People are voluntarily paying rent as reparations to the Duwamish Tribe (near Seattle). Read more >>

Black Mama’s Bail Out Day movement growsRead more >>

The new suffragists are fighting for the voting rights of incarcerated and formerly-incarcerated people. Read more >> 

Berkeley, CA wants to convert aging baby boomer businesses into worker cooperatives.Read more >>

Rich Kid Revolutionaries take a stand against inequality. Read more >>

Living sustainably and protecting our planet are forms of “nonviolence toward the Earth”, which is inseparable from embodying nonviolence toward ourselves and all others. Here are recent stories of nonviolent climate action.

 We’ve been hearing a lot about Extinction Rebellion in the UK … but did you catch the news that 2000 people in Paris took direct action targeting the state and its complicity with big polluters? Read more >>

Great Britain passed one week without coal power for the first time since 1882. Read more >>

Activist calls for Critical Mass rides to join Friday Strikes and Extinction Rebellion.Read more >>

Soulardarity in Highland Park, MI, fights austerity, privatization, and climate change with an effort to upgrade streetlights to run on solar. Read more >>

Extinction Rebellion launches new clothing boycottRead more >>

Canadian Supreme Court rules that oil companies have to clean up their old wells – even in bankruptcy. Read more >>

For peace activist, means are ends in the making. Nonviolence offers sane and sensible ways to break the cycle of violence while working to stop wars & wage peace.

Code Pink releases new Mother’s Day Peace Proclamation calling for an end to all wars. Read more >>  

Veterans For Peace President assaulted by police at Venezuela Embassy actions in DC. Read more >> 

Venezuela Embassy Protectors Collective denounce the “dangerous and appalling” illegal shut-offs of water and electricity to the embassy, and call for the Secret Service to turn them back on.  Read more >> 

Venezuela Embassy Collective responds to aggressive tactics designed to force them to leave. Read more >> 

Trump-Putin talk about abolishing all nuclear weaponsRead more >> 

Thousands Join Peace Marches Across Germany Under The Motto “Disarmament Instead Of Armament.” Read more >> 

Pro-Palestine march hits the streets of London in protest of Israel’s war crimes. Readmore >> 

Virtual Reality Peace Museum seeks to illuminate the many global stories of peacemakers. Read more >>

25 Protesters arrested at USS LBG warship christening at Bath Iron Works in Maine will not be prosecuted.  Read more >> 

Nonviolence is endlessly creative. It engages human capacity for humor, innovation, and symbolism in efforts toward change. Here are a few stories. 

Caged child on Capitol Lawn appears, marking one year anniversary of Trump’s family separation policy. Read more >>

Ceramic artist makes harrowing and challenging clay cups that can only be bought for the price of a conversation about the true cost of war. Read more >>

Colonization, cultural oppression, abuse, depression and mental illness- some of the issues that the Māori slam poetry group, Ngā Hine Pūkorero, is taking to the world.  Read more >>

Artists are turning the US-Mexico Border fence into the world’s longest peace-themed mural.Read more >>

Create Peace Project facilitated the creation of a 30′ x 10′ peace mural by 220 students at Howard Elementary School in Oakland, CA. Artists Laurie Marshall and Lili Lopez helped the K-5th students bring more unity to their school through celebrating color, shape, pattern and cooperation.   Watch a short video here>>

Boys with braids: hair as resistance to colonization in Indigenous nationsRead more >> 

“Priced Out” video series on affordable housing features community activists rallying at City Hall.  Read more >>

Sick of “manels” (male-only panels), female scientists form organization to feature women-in-science’s work.Read more >>

Queen band’s guitarist calls for a new Live-Aid Concert to fight climate change. Read more >>

Resistance Lit is a burgeoning genre that covers everything from the blockbuster sales of the Mueller Report to insiders-tell-all books to George Lakey’s “How We Win” organizing manual. Read more >>

If we want to use nonviolence powerfully and effectively, we need to study nonviolence and learn from past and on-going campaigns.

Metta Center for Nonviolence hosts talk on how to leave hate groups.Read more >>

The role of nonviolence in India’s foreign policy.Read more >>

Workers March, Rally, Strike Globally On May Day:  Learn how people in 21 different countries showed solidarity with the global workers movement. Read more >>

The Nonviolence Report on Nonviolence Radio digs into a few current events in this livestream. Read more >>

Justifying Nonviolence: A Comparison of King’s Moral and Practical Critiques of Violence. Read more >>

Pace e Bene/Campaign Nonviolence’s Executive Director Ryan Hall offers six key lessons from the James Lawson Institute 2019Readmore>> 

Know your history … when we better understand the length and breadth of how/where/when nonviolence has been used, we better understand how to use it in our current times.

Six legendary anti-Vietnam War protests everyone should know about. Read more >>

5 Teens Who Changed the World List features 3 young women organizing with nonviolence. Read more >>

How Vieques, Puerto Rico, ousted a US naval bombing range, storage facility and military training site. Read more >>

Here are a few calls-to-actions from movement organizers and an upcoming workshop in building skills for making change.

Join the Venezuela Embassy Protectors in DC. These nonviolent activists are occupying the embassy at the invitation of embassy personnel to prevent the US coup of the independent and sovereign Bolivarian Republican of Venezuela. Read more >>

Extinction Rebellion launches new clothing boycottSpread the word >>

Women’s March On the Pentagon announces new October 11th mass action to end US militarism and imperialism. Read more >>

Here are some upcoming opportunities to learn more about organizing, nonviolent action, creative tactics, and nonviolent solutions. 

The Power House Project: rural organizing, energy efficiency, and power-building in Kentucky – Lower energy bills. Healthier homes. Clean energy. Energy democracy. Find out how successful, equity-driven climate advocacy can help us achieve so much for our communities. (May 14 – Online Webinar)  Learn more >>

Citizen Artist Salon: Creative Strategies for Commemorative Justice This Citizen Artist Salon will explore how anyone can activate place-based creative strategies for truth-telling and collective healing. (May 16 – Webinar) Learn more >>

2019 Spring RootSkills (May 18 – Brattleboro, VT) The RootSkills series is about building networks and strengthening movements by making powerful, intersectional connections between a broad spectrum of participants all working towards a common goal. This event will focus on racial and economic disparities to consider in/equity in rural, New England communities. Read more >>

Western Worker Cooperative Convening: Olympia, WA on May 18th, 2019. Learn more >>

The pro-democracy movement in Sudan: Strategies, Achievements, and Prospects. May 22nd by ICNC. Learn more >>

Organizing for Social Change course being offered June 3 – 7, 2019, at the Summer Peacebuilding Institute. Learn more >>

How to Create Social Movements: Momentum Training hosted by East Point Peace Academy, June 21-23, Oakland, CA.  Learn more >>

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