July 13th, 2019

Editor’s Note from Rivera Sun: In this week’s Nonviolence News, you’ll find stories about how nonviolent action kept libraries from closing in the UK, saved Madrid’s low emission zone law, launched a #metoo movement in Armenia, planted 66 million trees in half a day in India, and turned a night highway road construction sign into a “Global Warming At Work” sign in Houston, TX. If you’re like me, you’re always on the look-out for bright ideas for how to make real change. Nonviolence News delivers these stories.

On Friday, I joined one of the 700 Lights for Liberty vigils in the United States that illuminated the nationwide outrage over the inhumane conditions in migrant detention centers. While I was heartened to see the widespread response, I also realized that the actions recommended – contacting our elected officials, mailing postcards, visiting or sending donations to the border – were just some of the many ways to work for tangible change.  In Nonviolence News, I’ve seen powerful examples of how people like us are organizing effective actions and campaigns on this issue. Here are some ideas you can get involved in or organize your own campaign around:

1) Petition the hotel chains to stop acting as back up detention centers, like Marriott just did.

2) Pressure the detention center supply chain companies to stop profiting from family separation and migrant detention, like Wayfair workers are doing.

3) Pressure Amazon to ditch ICE involvement … they’ve got lots of customer feedback sections. Send ’em a note to back-up their employees’ letter. Or, disrupt their offices like these activists did.

4) Pressure your bank to stop investing in private prisons, like Suntrust and three others.

5) Get your town, county, and state to divest from private prisons like New York State recently did.

6) Get your state to ban private prisons like Illinois and five other states.

7) Pressure your mayor to follow the Chicago mayor‘s example and block ICE from using your police databases for immigration raids.

These are all ideas for campaigns I’ve learned through Nonviolence News. Learning and sharing all these excellent ideas is one of the benefits of compiling these stories in one place each week.

On a lighter note . . . what’s my favorite story this week? The determined cockatoo who took direct action against anti-bird spikes in an Australian shopping center, tearing them off the wall.

Good stories are meant to be shared. Thanks for supporting Nonviolence News.Rivera Sun, Editor

Photo credit of opening image: Young protester against migrant detention, The Chestertown Spy, photographer unknown, 2019. 

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Here’s what you’ll find in this week’s Nonviolence News:

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Nonviolence News shares recent success stories so we see and remember that nonviolent action is powerful and effective. 

Suntrust Bank joins wave of banks ditching private prisons in the face of citizen backlash.  Read more >>

Madrid citizens win return of low emission zones after 60,000 people took to the streets to protest its scrapping. Five days later, a court reinstated the zone law.  Read more >>

Citing water concerns, South Africa blocks major fracking developmentRead more >>

Protests save Essex County (UK) libraries from closure.  Read more >>

Sydney, Australia city council switches to Round-up alternative after city workers walk-off the job over glyphosate cancer concerns.Read more >>

Conservative Indiana chooses renewables over coal and gas.  Read more >>

Following immense public pressure, prosecutors in Alabama have dropped manslaughter charges against Marshae Jones, a 28-year-old African-American woman whose pregnancy ended after she was shot in the stomach by a coworker.  Read more >>

National Rifle Association (NRA) loses its top lobbyist and advertising firm. It also shut down NRATV.  These changes come in the wake of falling revenue, related in part to outcry about its anti-gun control stance and insensitivity around school shootings.  Read more >>

Code Pink campaign succeeds in getting pop star to cancel her performances in Saudi Arabia over the country’s human rights violations.  Read more >>

Around the world, people are launching nonviolent campaigns
and/or using principled nonviolence to transform their communities
and fight injustice. Here are a few recent stories. 

Gilet Noirs, an undocumented migrant workers collective in France, is taking Paris by storm using nonviolent direct action to protest precarious employment, homelessness and poor housing conditions, and police repression. Read more >>

230,000 protesters march in Kuwloon, Hong Kong, in protest of the extradition bill.  Read more >>

Thousands of Hong Kong protesters demonstrate against parallel traders who snap up goods in Hong Kong markets to resell in China. Read more >>

Armenia’s #metoo movement erupts, breaking silence on domestic and sexual violence, triggering a backlash from social conservatives.  Read more >>

Former president of Kyrgyzstan holds a 1000 person protest rally and issues a 2-month deadline for the government to step down, vowing to launch more protest actions.  Read more >>

Georgia holds its first Pride event after two weeks of delays due to homophobic threats. Read more >>

Minnesota Amazon workers plan 6-hr strike on Prime Day, demanding that temporary workers be made full-time, and that work quotas be eased. Read more >>

Stadium erupts into “Equal Pay” chants as US women’s soccer team wins World Cup.  Read more >>

Editor’s Note: This week, we continue our focus on the campaigns to end migrant family separation and child detention centers in the United States. 

After migrant justice groups delivered 120,000 signatures to corporate headquarters, major hotel chains pledge not to let ICE use rooms as backup detention facilities.  Read more >>

Lights for Liberty holds 700 demonstrations against child detention centers on July 12th, drawing thousands of people across the country. Read more >>

Activists disrupt Amazon meeting and block traffic to protest the corporate behemoth’s involvement in ICE.  Read more >>

500 Amazon employees pressure company to break ties with Palantir for working with ICE.  Read more >>

Ahead of immigration raids, Chicago mayor permanently bans ICE from accessing police databasesRead more >>

Living sustainably and protecting our planet are forms of “nonviolence toward the Earth”, which is inseparable from embodying nonviolence toward ourselves and all others. Here are recent stories of nonviolent climate action. 

Moscow’s lone climate protester persists in standing up for people and planet.  Read more >>

Miller canoe maker and fiddle festival organizer cancels 25-year old Canadian fiddle camp to protest clear cutsRead more >>

In India, over a million volunteers planted 66 million trees in 12 hours, a world record, as part of the country’s commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement.  Read more >>

Dutch city transforms bus stops into bee stops by planting bee-friendly plants on bus stop roofs.   Read more >>

Extinction Rebellion plans to target five UK cities with civil disobedience in July to pressure politicians to take climate action.  Read more >>

7,000+ universities and colleges around the globe declare a climate emergency and unveil a three-point plan for climate action.  Read more >>

Doctors organize against the “cancer of climate change”.  Read more >>

Climate action group sets up night road work sign with glowing messages such as “Global Warming At Work” on Houston, TX highway.  Read more >>

Sunrise Movement unveils 7-week plan to turn up the heat to get Democrats to start treating the climate crisis like the crisis it is.  Read more >>

Peace and nonviolence go hand-in-hand. Gandhi said, “means are ends in the making” and nonviolence offers us many ways to wage peace.

US House of Representatives passes bipartisan bill stopping Pres. Trump from launching an unauthorized attack on Iran, and limiting two powerful military powers laws (NDAA and AUMF).  Read more >>

Afghan Peace Volunteers create video message about their interconnected dreams for peace and environmental justice.  Read more >>

Italian dockworkers who refused to load Saudi Arabia’s weapons ship have a history of resistance … and their strike inspired other actions, with more possibly on the way.  Read more >>

Activists occupied the roof of a UK-based Israeli arms factory in solidarity with Palestinians.  Read more >>

Eleven international peace activists entered the Büchel Air Base southwest of Frankfurt, Germany on Friday to deliver a self-named Treaty Enforcement Order, telling the base to cease-and-desist sharing nuclear weapons, and declaring that the sharing of US nuclear weapons at the base is a “criminal conspiracy to commit war crimes.”  Read more >>

Armed with spray paint, signs and banners, five nuclear abolition activists were arrested at the Faslane Trident nuclear submarine base in Scotland on July 7, the second anniversary of the adoption at the U.N. of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. Read more >>

Two nuclear resisters were arrested on July 4 – “Interdependence Day” – after entering the Kansas City National Security Campus which manufactures nuclear weapons. Kabat poured red paint on the main entrance sign “to illuminate the insanity of nuclear weapons”.   Read more >>

Here are a few stories about how people are engaging nonviolence and nonviolent action in creative ways for a wide variety of causes.

Cockatoo tears down anti-bird spikes in Australian shopping center.  Read more >>

Hong Kong activists continue to protest extradition laws with a sticky note wallRead more >>

US artist Nan Goldin protests the Sackler wing of the Louvre Museum in France, urging the museum to ditch the donors that profits off the opioid crisis. Read more >>

#AllOutDC use folding fans to drown-out the antagonizing comments of far-right media commentator.   Read more >>

Half-submerged head of Donald Trump floats in France to send warning: everything is not fine and the US president poses a serious threat to the world.  Read more >>

#RewriteBC revises historic and cultural landmark signs in British Columbia and releases the digital alternatives via social media to cut through colonialism.   Read more >>

Artist covers billboards with photos of the landscapes they’re blocking. Read more >>

Church of Stop Shopping reports on creative actions for migrant justice, climate action, and banning glyphosate.  Read more >>

Bottle of discolored water with label “Don’t Forget Flint, MI” stuck on store shelf next to bottled water cases.  Read more >>

Novelist offers $2,000+ prize for thrillers that don’t feature violence toward women.  Read more >>

Constructive Programs and alternative institutions build the strength and resilience of the community while weakening reliance on systems of oppression.

The #BikeReady campaign  in NYC encourages bicyclists to organize disaster relief groups in their own communities before a disaster strikes.  Read more >>

Performance artist Jaden Smith opens “I Love You” food truck to feed homeless population in LA.  Read more >>

Michigan church partners with RIP Medical Debt to pay off the medical debt of 2,000 random familiesRead more >>

In the field of nonviolence, people around the world are deepening their understanding of how nonviolence works to make change and wage peace.

“Soldiers Without Guns” film shows the story of Bouganville’s struggle to stop copper mining, militarized violence, and colonialist occupation.   Read more >>

How social movements are the “invisible hand” of politics.   Read more >>

George Lakey on how movements can use drama to seize public imagination.  Read more >>

How US workers can win labor justice.   Read more >>

Crystal Geyser bottled water company mistakenly sent an internal email to the press, revealing how community activism and opposition is working to stop and stall a proposed bottling plant.  Read more >>

Here are a few actions and events requesting your participation. 

Meta Peace Team calls for members for unarmed peacekeeping in the West Bank and at US-Mexico Border work.  Learn more >>

Campaign Nonviolence Week of Actions September 14-22, 2019, Everywhere. Host or join a march, rally, protest, or other event or action for a culture of peace and active nonviolence.  Learn more >>

Oct 5th is a Day of Action Against Domestic Violence. Hold or join a 2-min die-in protest.  Learn more >>

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