June 8th, 2019

Editor’s Note from Rivera Sun: This week’s Nonviolence News contains several heart-wrenching stories about the ways that those who oppose your movement’s goals can arrest, injure, and even kill your supporters. It’s a prevalent myth that  using nonviolence means your opponents will use it, too. Unfortunately, that’s not true. Research shows that every movement that starts to succeed is met with repression – often direct, physical violence – but also with arrests, seizure of assets, intimidation and harassment. My heart stands with the brave Sudanese whose nonviolent sit-in to demand a democratic transition after they ousted their dictator recently faced a brutal crackdown by the military that killed at least 100 people.

But, since we’re on the subject of repression, it’s important to understand that even with these massacres, you are more likely to survive a nonviolent revolution than a violent war or armed insurgency trying to achieve the same goals. (To be precise, unarmed struggles have one tenth of the casualties of conflicts in which both sides pick up weapons.) I recommend reading about best practices for countering, managing, and making repression backfire as a movement. We’ll be seeing some of these ideas in practice in the coming weeks as global movements persevere in working for change.

Nonviolence requires courage. Dr. King called it “a way of life for courageous people”. Thank you for having the courage for this work,
Rivera Sun, Editor

PS I’ve launched a series of articles sharing lessons, tips, and best practices gleaned from Nonviolence News’ weekly enewsletter. Check out my most recent one, “Creative + Strategic = Effective Movements for Change“.

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Here’s what you’ll find in this week’s Nonviolence News:

Victory! Success Stories
Recent Actions & On-Going Campaigns
Racial Justice
Peace Action
Climate Action
Women’s Rights
Creative Action
Knowledge & Reflection
Learn & Study

Nonviolence News shares recent success stories so we see and remember that nonviolent action is powerful and effective. 

Finland commits to 100% carbon-neutrality by 2035 in one of the fastest transition targets ever set.    Read more >>

Canada bans oil and gas drilling in Marine Protected Areas.  Read more >>

British Columbia will ban the sale of gas-powered cars by 2040.   Read more >>

Charlottesville, VA divests from weapons and fossil fuels.   Read more >>

Vermont resident-owned affordable housing project turns 30 years old, showing that the model works.  Read more >>

12 climate wins in the National Environmental Policy Act.  Read more >>

The public health approach to reducing gun violence works … and the Bay Area is proving it. In the past decade, gun violence has dropped 30% – and studies show that it’s not due to gentrification. Read more >>

San Francisco, CA, votes to close juvenile jail, moving to alternatives that work better.  Read more >>

New report shows that restorative justice for juveniles works better than jail timeRead more >>

The Bureau of Land Management no longer opposes an effort by members of the New Mexico congressional delegation that would ban oil, gas and other mineral leasing within a 10-mile buffer zone around Chaco Culture National Historical Park.  Read more >>

In the wake of Round-up bans and cancer court cases, Costco announces that it will not sell Round-up this season.  Read more >>  

Anti-hate counterprotesters force GOP group to cancel alt-right event in Coeur d’Alene, ID.  Read more >>

Citing cancer concerns, Mill Valley (the heart of US tech culture) blocks 5GRead more >>

Around the world, people are launching nonviolent campaigns
and/or using principled nonviolence to transform their communities
and fight injustice. Here are a few recent stories. 

100 Sudanese pro-democracy protesters have been killed in a brutal military crackdown during a nonviolent sit-in. The movement had successfully ousted a dictator and is currently trying to prevent military rule during the transition to free elections.  Read more >>

7 Zimbabweans arrested for attending a workshop on nonviolent struggle.  Read more >> 

Hondurans march against unemployment on third day of mass protests.   Read more >>

March of the Mutilated of injured Yellow Vests protests police brutality in Paris, France.  Read more >>

In France, the world’s largest Nutella factory is paralyzed by a labor strike.   Read more >>

Students at Iran’s largest university rallied against mandatory hijab rules. Read more >>

US farmer and teacher starts her jail sentence for actions during a #ShutDownICE campaign in support of immigrant and migrant rights.  Read more >>

Sports teams and groups of players speak out against Trump and refuse to go to the White House. Read more >>

Tens of thousands of people march against Trump in the United Kingdom.  Read more >>

Brazilians take to the streets in mass protests. Read more >>

In the face of rising anti-Semitism, a solidarity campaign to get non-Jewish Germans to wear kippahs launches.  Read more >>

Warsaw, Poland plans to hold its first Pride Parade despite hate crimes and anti-LGBTQ actions. Read more >>

North Macedonia holds its first Pride Parade.  Read more >>

Rhode Island’s LGBTQIA+ community rallies to repudiate the hate of Bishop Tobin’s recent comments.  Read more >>

Wisconsin Governor orders gay pride flag flown over state capital.  Read more >>

Students hold sit-in at La Guardia High School to protest reduced focus on the arts.  Read more >>

Oakland Public Library joins libraries around the country in ditching late fees, which have been found to disproportionately impact communities of color.  Read more >>

Chuck Collins calls upon business grads to refuse to work for billionairesRead more >>

Everytown for Gun Safety mobilized a Wear Orange Weekend to protest inaction around gun violence.   Read more >>

After decades of organizing, a second US city has decriminalized magic mushroomsRead more >>

Doctors and nurses to march on American Medical Association‘s Annual Meeting to end  ‘rotten’ opposition to Medicare for All.   Read more >>

Actors Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara march for animal rights. Read more >>

Nearly 100 animal rights activists were freed today, after being arrested by police in riot gear for carrying out a rescue mission and protest that involved 600 activists at the Reichardt Duck Farm in Petaluma, California.   Read more >>

People are organizing for racial justice in communities all over the world. Here are some stories of how they are using nonviolent action in those campaigns.

In Mexico, hundreds of Indigenous protesters demand the demilitarization of Zapatista territory.  Read more >>

After the success of the #BlackMamasBailout, a Juneteenth (a traditional day of celebrating the emancipation of African-Americans from slavery) #FreeTheDads effort for Father’s Day launches.  Read more >>

Milwaukee declares racism a public health issue and unleashes a unique approach to ending it.   Read more >> 

New York City students rally against school segregation, sitting on either side of the steps of City Hall by school to show that whites go to different schools than Black & Brown youth.  Read more >>

Netflix series “See You Yesterday” uses sci-fi and STEM-themes to explore racism and police brutality, featuring two young Black protagonists who invent a time machine in order to save the life of an older brother.  Read more >>

Around the world, people are using nonviolent action to de-escalate conflicts, intervene in brewing wars, and wage peace. Here are some of their stories. 

On June 5th and 6th, 2019 veterans around the country took action to rally in support of the Veterans Healthcare Administration (VHA) and speak out against privatization and the roll out of the MISSION Act.   Read more >>

Hundreds of thousands of Yemenis protest on Quds Day in support of Palestinian rights. Read more >>

Noble Prize winner calls for a boycott of Israeli physics contestRead more >>

Living sustainably and protecting our planet are forms of “nonviolence toward the Earth”, which is inseparable from embodying nonviolence toward ourselves and all others. Here are recent stories of nonviolent climate action. 

Students in the Philippines have an unusual graduation requirement: they have to plant 10 trees before they graduate.  Read more >>

Protesters demand European Union ban public investment in fossil fuels.   Read more >>

More than 350 students across the U.S. have signed up to use their graduation speeches as a climate justice call to action directed at lawmakers and older generations, demanding they do everything in their power to solve the climate crisis and protect the planet—but many students are facing censorship as they try to get their message out.   Read more >>

“Climate Shenanigans” at California Democratic Party Convention pressure Dems to stop accepting campaign donations from Big Oil.  Read more >>

Activists put the pressure on the Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast Pipelines in Virginia.  Read more >>

Estonia launches global “Keep It Clean” campaign, building off a national success story of mobilizing 50,000 people to clean up garbage in the entire country.   Read more >>

As grey whale deaths quintuple, the US declares a wildlife emergency to release funds for scientists to study the causes and ways of preventing future deaths.  Read more >>

1000 kids in Humboldt, CA spent a day at the beach picking up trash, removing invasive species and forming a giant “Protect What You Love” sign for an aerial photo.  Read more >>

Department of Transportation expands wildflower areas along Connecticut highways to help bees, butterflies, and other pollinators.  Read more >> 

Beyond Meat vegan foods company sees its shares values surge … this may be good news for climate activists making the connection between greenhouse gasses and animal meat production.  Read more >>

When people think of Women’s Rights, they think of abortion (see our editorial remarks on that subject in the May 25th issue),  but Women’s Rights covers a much wider territory of issues. Here are a few stories on some of those themes. 

#KuToo: Japanese women submit anti-high heels petition. Campaigners urge government to ban employers from forcing footwear on female staff. Read more >>

Muckleshoot Tribe member Rosalie Fish runs track races with a red handprint over face to raise awareness about Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women.  Read more >>

200-mile horse ride for Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women ends in South Dakota.  Read more >>

In response to the abortion bans, Illinois passes a Women’s Reproductive Health Act. Read more >>

Protesters demonstrate in Times Square for “Abortion Without Apology”.  Read more >>

US organizers call for a real strike – not a sex strike – to oppose abortion bans saying, “you want to restrict reproductive rights? Try producing without us.”   Read more >>

UN Commissioner calls US abortion bans “extremist hate and torture”. Read more >>

Editor’s Note: Women’s Rights and Men’s Healing are interconnected. This gathering in Juneau, AK makes the connection between bringing together men to work on themselves and working to end violence and support community well-beingRead more >>

Human beings are endlessly creative … and nonviolence helps that creativity shine. Here are some bold actions that tap into art and creativity to make change.

Creative action is the highlight of our recent editorial drawn from Nonviolence News, “Creative + Strategic = Effective Movements for Change“.  Read more >>   

Sudanese plan to unveil the world’s largest protest banner. It will be nearly 2 miles long featuring messages, art, and portraits of fallen activists.  Read more >>   

In narrative therapy, Maori creation stories are being used to heal.  Read more >>  

Italian village uses street art to fight depopulation.  Read more >>   

Here are a few recently posted articles that provide insight and reflection on the art and science of waging nonviolence. 

How one Inuit Community fought big oil and won. Read more >>

Art reveals how children suffering trauma experience war and violence. Time Magazine runs a story with pictures drawn by former child soldiers and refugees. Read more >>

Thanks to Campaign Nonviolence for reposting last week’s Nonviolence News. (If you have a blog or website, you can do the same. Please link back and let us know. Thanks!)  Read more >>

Here are some upcoming opportunities to learn more about organizing, nonviolent action, creative tactics, and nonviolent solutions. 

Peace In Action – Workshop with Scilla Ellsworthy at Findhorn.  Learn more >> 

How to Create Social Movements: Momentum Training hosted by East Point Peace Academy, June 21-23, Oakland, CA.  Learn more >>

Training in Restorative Justice by the River Phoenix Center for Peacebuilding, Gainesville, Florida, June 24-25.  Learn more >>

Fierce Vulnerability Seabeck Conference, June 28-July 1st, Washington State. Learn more >>

Peace Power Training in Greece, July 26th-Aug 24th. Apply by June 10th.  Learn more >>

New Delhi to host international conference on nonviolence education and training, December 2019.   Read more >>

Here are a few campaigns inviting your participation.

ImpeachTrump Day of Action on June 15th.  Read more >>

Gaza Freedom Flotilla on the Chicago River July 18-20. Voices for Creative Nonviolence will join with the Freedom Flotilla Coalition’s US Boats to Gaza campaign with three days of Chicago actions that will include a Saturday July 20th mini-flotilla of kayaks, canoes and rowboats on the Chicago River.  Read more >>

Code Pink peace delegations to Iran and Cuba.  Read more >>

Sept 20-23, join peace activists in New York City for the “People’s Mobilization To Stop the War Machine.” Learn more >>

September 20th, 2019, join the global general strike for climate justice.   Learn more >>

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