Editor’s Note from Rivera Sun:This week’s Nonviolence News illuminates how nonviolence unleashes both our power and our immense creativity in making change. In Australia, surfers are holding “paddle-outs” to protect a beach from oil drilling. In Zimbabwe, people are planting tall grass in potholes to call for political accountability. You’ll find an article in the Nonviolent History section on how the famous mime, Marcel Marceau, saved the lives of Jewish children by miming to keep them quiet while escaping the Nazis.

Nonviolence also works. Each week, we report on many success stories that have come through nonviolent action. This week, Extinction Rebellion  won a major victory, getting the United Kingdom to declare a climate emergency. At Swarthmore College, students held a multi-day sit-in until two racist, misogynist fraternity houses were disbanded. Meanwhile, at the invitation of the Venezuelan Embassy in DC, activists have been holding off a US take-over as part of a broad anti-coup endeavor that seems to be working. (More on that next week.)

In the coming week, brace yourself for the May 8th Uber driver shut-down in major US cities. Nonviolence is rising as people rise up for a wide range of social justice causes. The tools of nonviolence are powerful, effective, and creative. What world will you build with them?

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Here’s what you’ll find in this week’s Nonviolence News:

Victory! Success Stories
Recent Actions & On-Going Campaigns
Climate Action
Constructive Programs
Creative Action
Knowledge & Reflection
Nonviolent History

Nonviolence News shares recent success stories so we see and remember that nonviolent action is powerful and effective. 

Activism works. Citing student school strikes and Extinction Rebellion, UK government declares a climate emergency. Read more >>

Two Swarthmore College frats disbanded after multi-day student sit-ins challenged the racist, misogynist, supremacist views of frat members. Read more >>

Landmark victory as court strikes down Texas anti-BDS lawRead more >>

In Germany, a circus has replaced live animals with holograms … a major victory and creative breakthrough for animal rights activists working on ending circuses. Are the zoos next?  Read more >>

Thanks to consistent community action, a New Mexico official pulls the plug on new oil and gas drilling near Chaco Canyon. Read more >>

Around the world, people are launching nonviolent campaigns
and/or using principled nonviolence to transform their communities
and fight injustice. Here are a few recent stories. 

Venezuelan Embassy protectors hold strong, saying, “If you oppose US imperialism, this is the place to be.” Read more >>

Thousands of Chilean students peacefully protesting student debt and demanding education reform were repressed after being attacked by anti-riot police.  Read more >> 

Hong Kong protesters hold largest march in 5 years. Read more >>

Hong Kong Umbrella Movement leaders were sentenced to jail. One issued this public statement: “Living in a society on the brink of authoritarianism and of arbitrary rule, let me be a brave bell toller, ringing, waking up sleepy souls.”   Read more >>

In Afghanistan, Hemland residents call for cease fire with peaceful rallyRead more >> 

In Brazil, Indigenous Peoples rally in capital to protest President Bolsonaro’s onslaught of destructive policies. Read more >>

50,000 protesters march against Honduran president over corruption and drug trafficking charges. Read more >>

Thousands in Morocco call for the release of jailed activists. Read more >>

Around 500 protesters gathered outside a Bayer’s shareholder meeting with placards calling out Bayer’s corporate motto “science for a better life” and asking the company to “stop glyphosate”, the Monsanto-made herbicide at the centre of the group’s woes. Inside, investors were fuming, calling the Monsanto take-over a “nightmare for shareholders”Read more >>

NSA considers dropping mass surveillance program revealed by Edward Snowden. Read more >>

In what has come to be known as “guerrilla archiving,” Katie Cuyler, a public services and government information librarian at the University of Alberta, has gone about saving all data and information hosted on the Government of Alberta web pages before it is turned over from the NDP to the UCP. Read more >>

8,000 Canadians gather in Toronto to protest healthcare cuts.Read more >> 

Entire Methodist confirmation class declines to become members over anti-LGBTQ policies. Read more >>

Pennsylvania activists march for a ban on lobbyists buying gifts for legislators.  Read more >> 

Hundreds of Google employees hold May 1st sit-in to protest retaliation. Read more >> 

On May 8, Uber drivers are organizing a nationwide shutdown of Uber, with drivers turning off their apps in protest over low pay: so far, seven cities’ drivers are signed up: Philadelphia, Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego, Minneapolis, LA and DC. Read more >>  

Demanding an end to austerity measures that have kept classrooms overcrowded and educators underpaid, about 10,000 teachers, students, and supporters staged one of the largest protests in recent years at the South Carolina Statehouse in Columbia on May 1st. Read more >>

Former director of US Selective Service says it’s time to end draft registration – not expand the draft to women.  Read more >>

Living sustainably and protecting our planet are forms of “nonviolence toward the Earth”, which is inseparable from embodying nonviolence toward ourselves and all others. Here are recent stories of nonviolent climate action. 

700 youth climate strikes planned on multiple continents. Read more >>

Australian surfers paddle-out to protect beach against oil drilling. Read more >>

Maine AFL-CIO is first labor union to support a state-level Green New Deal.Read more >> 

As the rest of the country continues to go back and forth over the possibility of a nationwide Green New Deal, New York City is forging ahead with its own version. Read more >>

Movement to build national US support for the Green New Deal surges in Boston, the City of Revolutions.  Read more >> 

Climate activists target Goldman Sachs‘ European headquarters.

Greta Thunberg backs the call for a general strikes to address the climate crisis.Read more >> 

Trump effort to boost fossil fuels hits a wall in US federal court.  Read more >>

Extinction Rebellion activists glue themselves to London Stock Exchange and climb on top of trains. Read more >>

A growing coalition ramps up the environmental justice fight in urban Michigan.Read more >>

Human rights “outlaws” are defending an ancient forest in California. Read more >>

Portland, Oregon’s electric buses run on wind energy, a first in the nation. Read more >>

Why now is the time to connect the pipeline struggles. Read more >>

Teen Vogue reports on how giving plants legal rights may help fight climate change.Read more >>

Youth lock their necks to gate in UK over climate crisis. Read more >>

Constructive Programs build the strength and resilience of the movement while weakening reliance on systems of oppression.

San Jose State University fights food insecurity with food bank. Read more >>

The Nonviolence Report, part of Nonviolence Radio, digs into a few news stories on air and simultaneously live streams. Read more >>

Church builds tiny house village on their campus for unhoused persons.  Read more >> 

Street Store gives free items away to people on the street. Read more >>

Sikhs around the world are planting trees to stop climate changeRead more >>

Nonviolence is endlessly creative. It engages human capacity for humor, innovation, and symbolism in efforts toward change. Here are a few stories. 

Zimbabweans are filling potholes with tall grass and “flooding” local officials to advocate for quality-of-life issues and build a culture of accountability.  Read more >> 

Did Banksy just create an Extinction Rebellion mural

3D Crosswalks designed to slow down drivers near school. Read more >>

US Pentagon claims 1100 high schools bar military recruiters. A group of US peace activists are offering $1000 prize to any high school that does so. Read more >> 

Bhangra dance group  joins Mikmaw grandmothers at Alton Gas Site protest on Earth Day. Read more >>

Hasan applies for a job at the CIA – video spoofs CIA and truth-tells.  Read more >>

New Smithsonian album features Black women musicians connecting past and present resistance stories and struggles through song.  Read more >> 

Here are a few recently posted articles that provide insight and reflection on the art and science of waging nonviolence. 

“An Israeli shot me. An Israeli healed me.” A young Palestinian’s story shows peace is still possible.  Read more >>

PBS movie series focuses on women, war and peace.Read more >>

A new generation of activists takes the lead on climate change.  Read more >>

Unicorn Riot brings you inside the worker-run Vio.Me facility in this three part video series. Read more >>

Zinn Education Project circulates climate justice curriculum. 

Using maps as a tool to resist extractive industries on Indigenous territories. Read more >> 

How Ireland’s Citizens’ Assembly supported Climate Action.

Learn about Direct Action Everywhere, an animal liberation group dedicated to the philosophy and methods of nonviolence and nonviolent direct action. They strive to uphold nonviolence as a way of life, in “tone, word, and action.” Read more >>

What makes Extinction Rebellion protests different

How Linda Garcia battled Big Oil, health challenges, and death threats to stop a fossil fuel export terminal in the Pacific Northwest. Read more >>

Know your history … when we better understand the length and breadth of how/where/when nonviolence has been used, we better understand how to use it in our current times.

From Pam McAllister: On April 30, 1977, 14 women defied the Argentinian police state, went to the Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires, and demanded information about their sons and daughters who had been disappeared by the thousands. As their numbers grew, the MOTHERS OF THE PLAZA persisted in their public witness, braving arrest, torture, and martyrdom. This is what courage looks like. Read more >>

The Battle for Larzac Plateau: crops bring life, weapons bring death. Farmers block a military base on a French agricultural plain. Read more >>

The French Resistance in WWII isn’t known for its nonviolence … but many of its tactics were nonviolent. Here are some particularly fascinating, clever, daring, and courageous nonviolent responses to dangers. The star of these tales? The French mime, Marcel Marceau’s, nonviolent rescue of Jewish children.Read more >>

Remembering Nonviolent History: The Freedom Rides began on May 4th, 1961. Read more >>

The veterans of the civil rights movement made history, but they are eager for you to know something: They didn’t set out to be heroes or icons. On two occasions this year, these brave men and women gathered to reflect on their experiences and the legacy they’re leaving. Read more >> 

Here are a few calls-to-actions from movement organizers and an upcoming workshop in building skills for making change.

Join the Venezuela Embassy Protectors in DC. These nonviolent activists are occupying the embassy at the invitation of embassy personnel to prevent the US coup of the independent and sovereign Bolivarian Republican of Venezuela. Read more >>

2019 Spring RootSkills (May 18 – Brattleboro, VT) The RootSkills series is about building networks and strengthening movements by making powerful, intersectional connections between a broad spectrum of participants all working towards a common goal. This event will focus on racial and economic disparities to consider in/equity in rural, New England communities. Read more >>

Women’s March On the Pentagon announces new October 11th mass action to end US militarism and imperialism. Read more >>

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Nonviolence Now platforms provide a beautiful doorway to compelling stories of nonviolence in action.  The project connects individuals world-wide with resources for peace building and principled nonviolence.  Rather than duplicate what has already been done, Nonviolence Now promotes the existing work of nonviolence organizations through innovative collaboration.

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