And . . . Free Earth Flags!

(Yes, this is a super-fun newsletter. Enjoy.)


Greetings everyone! Great news abounds. First of all, my first novel, Steam Drills, received a make-over in time for Earth Day and we’re giving away free Earth Flags when you get a copy of the new version. I love these flags and bring them to demonstrations all the time! In the spirit of Steam Drills, a novel about climate justice and the story of our times, we’re happy to love the Earth like she deserves and to fly her flag joyously! This is the perfect year to read this book, to move into action, to go to your local “Scientists March” on Earth Day or the People’s Climate Marches on April 29th carrying the image of our beloved planet with you!

Find this special offer here:

And drumroll, please . . . to the right we have a photo of the first draft manuscript (all handwritten!) of The Roots of Resistance, the sequel to the much-loved Dandelion Insurrection. It’s a beautiful, emergent moment when a novel reaches this point. You can “see” the plot, the characters, the adventure. Next, I type it into the computer and then revise, revise, revise. This is where the good becomes great, and the story starts to sing. I’m so happy with how this novel is turning out … as good as the first, powerful, evocative, and fun.

Did you miss the Author Q & A about The Way Between? We had an amazing conversation about the role of literature in building peace and promoting a culture of active nonviolence in fun and fantastic ways. Here’s the recording! Enjoy!

Speaking of The Way Between, on Friday, I’m off to Gainesville, FL to dodge alligators – just kidding. I’m attending the River Phoenix Center for Peacebuilding’s Peacebuilders Immersion Program. I’ll be studying with some amazing people, connecting to new skills and perspectives, and . . . getting ideas for Ari Ara’s next adventure, which I plan to write over the late summer and early fall. (Cross your fingers and we’ll have this novel in time for Christmas gifts. Won’t that be awesome?) Pictured in the photo are my friends, Burt Kempner (who connected me to the peacebuilders initially), Heart Phoenix and Jeffrey Weisberg, who run the program along with others. I am very grateful for all of their help in making this opportunity possible. I met them all during The Dandelion Insurrection Tour a few years back.

Here’s some unexpected good news: apparently, Amazon readers are discovering Billionaire Buddha! We’re getting a lot of visits and book sales on our page, so if you’ve already read this novel, leave a short review so people who are finding the book know how much you liked it.

Oh yeah, the BIGGEST news! I’m a full-time author! That’s right, thanks to countless supporters and readers like yourself, I’m now able to write all-day, every day, bringing powerful stories that change hearts and minds into a world that desperately needs them at an accelerated rate. March 1st, 2017 was my first day without my “day job” and it has been an outrageously productive month! Hooray and huge thanks to everyone who has helped the readership grow and supported me as an author along the way!