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It’s Launch Day for The Lost Heir! It’s also Memorial Day Weekend. The sound of motorcycles rumbles in the distance. The RVs are lumbering up the highway. The barbeques are firing up for the season. And, the war culture is holding its ceremonies in honor of veterans and to glorify war. 

To me, the best way to honor veterans is actually to end wars and build peace. One tangible way to work toward a culture of peace is to get a copy of The Way Between and The Lost Heir, give them to your friends, and put them in your local schools and library. Our culture of war props itself up with endless movies and books glorifying violence. Ari Ara offers an alternative. Her novels teach peace, challenge war, and show readers of all ages how to organize for change.

Find the novel and eBook here.

If we want a culture of peace, we have to take these kinds of tangible actions to change the stories we tell … and the stories we live. To do this, Ari Ara needs your help. We’ve been working hard to climb the Amazon ratings charts … and it’s working. Every book sold this week helps us break into the  #1 New Release lists on Amazon. People searching for books on war and peace, anti-bullying, teen and young adult civil and human rights will see The Lost Heir. We’ve reached #1 New Release in four categories this week:

#1 New Release in War & Peace
#1 New Release in  Teen & Young Adult Bullying Issues
#1 New Release in  Civil & Human Rights for Young Adults
#1 New Release in  Teen & Young Adult Politics & Government

Can you imagine a better summer read for a young person?   
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Reviews make a world of difference. You are my NYTimes Book Review List. You’re my Siskels & Eberts.  Word of mouth is still the #1 way people hear about my books. There’s a lot of competition out there. Books like the Hunger Games or the Divergent series have massive marketing departments working for them. You’re Ari Ara’s version. Your reviews can be short and sweet (1-3 sentences).  Reader reviews really do make a difference when other readers are considering picking up my novels! Also, every review posted on Amazon gives us a little algorithmic boost, helping Ari Ara’s novels climb those charts and reach “beyond the choir” of peace activists. So, thank you for taking a few minutes to post a review on Amazon or Goodreads!

And, thanks for getting as excited about Ari Ara’s newest novel as I am. You’ll be tickled to hear that a couple of moms have reported spotting their kids playing “The Way Between” in the backyard. Isn’t that great?

Yours for the unfolding adventures,

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