Photo by Briton Donahue

Special thanks to Angela Parker for this gem of a review! You can find The Dandelion Insurrection here. 

This brilliant and instructional novel is prophetic in its story line. With stunning parallels to today’s corporate dictatorship, this novel begins at the American-Canadian border with Zadie and Charlie, the primary, but not only heroines of the Dandelion Insurrection. This novel takes place in a dark time where the politicians are cowardly corporate minions, and the military and police are brutalizing anyone who dares to stand up to the endless extraction of earth. Death to wildlife and mass poverty are regular business casualties imposed on all people and living things. Social services have been slashed and 70% of the government budget goes to the military that exists only for corporate power. Mass surveillance keeps everyone in constant fear, brutal repression and hopelessness. The faux Christians are beating the drums of war, propaganda rules the corporate news and journalists who tell the truth disappear under the martial law which has been imposed on our country.

“Terrorism. The family groaned in collective exasperation. Everything was because of terrorism these days, the unending wars overseas, the soldiers on the streets at home, the restrictions on gatherings, the censoring of newspapers, the police checkpoints, the ballooning military budgets, searches without warrants, and now, the closure of a peaceful border after hundreds of years of open travel.”  – The Dandelion Insurrection, page 4.

Through their strategized peaceful resistance, courage, love, kindness, hope, and beautiful inspiration, the Dandelion Insurrection turns the tide from a hopeless and demoralized citizenry to a hopeful, informed, loving, organized and empowered people.

We, Charlie realized. It is always we who are ultimately culpable. He thought about the subtle shift that was occurring. Thousands of people had recognized their complicity in destruction, and were now taking a stand for life. Ah, Charlie thought when we stop blaming Them and take responsibility for our actions… when we consciously withdraw our cooperation from injustice… that is when real change begins to occur. Not from the top and not just from the bottom, but from all sides at once as every person wakes up and makes a conscious choice to preserve the goodness of life on this earth.” – The Dandelion Insurrection, page 260-261.

As a result of the courageous efforts taken against our tyrannical and corporate militarized government, Zadie and Charlie are detained and a trial begins wherein they are ultimately found Not Guilty. After the verdict, Zadie and Charlie walk to our nation’s capital, followed by antagonizing drones of fear and throngs of revolutionary nonviolent insurrectionists of love. The Dandelion Insurrectionists of love and revolution save the day and capture the hearts of the previously hopeless people, as a direct result of their vision, dedication to act only in love, and clever strategy.

“We are one people, indivisible, not by allegiance or by force, but entwined through the love in our hearts. Through our pulse, and our breath, and our frail human skins, the body of the people stands immortal. We rise and we fall; we sweep by in waves of faces; we roll in the rushing tide of life. We are foolish, we are proud, we are loving, we are tired; we weep for beauty, laugh in sorrow, cry out lonely in the night; we hurt and cause harm; we are lovers and beloveds; we shall live, we shall die, we shall pass, and still remain; for the body of the people lives forever.” – The Dandelion Insurrection, page 345.

This novel is brilliant, inspirational and instructive in its clear strategic vision of what it will take to return democracy to the people of America, using the tenants of nonviolence in the task of healing our democracy, trust, hope and country. There is also an optional study guide for nonviolent strategy and organization that accompanies The Dandelion Insurrection novel.   The Study Guide has clear and simple instructions to assist with any nonviolent effort and mobilization. The Dandelion Insurrection novel and Study Guide will provide both hope and skill to the many, many nonviolent mobilizations occurring in our country at this very time. In addition, Rivera Sun often offers an online workshop for anyone interested in strategizing/organizing a local nonviolent mobilization.