#WritingTips – I’ve been watching my process, and I’ve found a few practices that I love in writing. Here they are … now go off and write some fabulous essays or novels or books for me to read!

1) Take your time. Savor the process. Don’t rush. (I never work under deadlines. I don’t relate well to them and my creativity flounders. You may be different.)

2) Romance the words. Flirt with them, eat them up with your whole body sensuously, fall in love with them like you would a crush. (There’s always time for the hard-edged editor in you to cut through the gushing, over-wrought sections later.)

3) Be precise and unflinchingly honest with your language. This is one of my favorite practices. (And a great editing tool.) Look at what you’re describing in your writing. Is the sky gray? Or is it flat as a sheet of metal lying in a stack?

4) Take breaks. This is my best writing tip. Be human, not just a writer. Go for walks. Read good books. Garden. Cook. Live as a part of the writing. For myself, I’m working on cleaning my house on my breaks. 

Enjoy. Let me know how it goes. Share your tips, too! Love, Rivera Sun
PS If you’re reading this and new to my writing, you can find all of my novels and bunches of essays on my website, as well as any major online bookstore. http://www.riverasun.com/online-store/