Save the Date! Nov 10th
Community Publishing Campaign Launches!
Join Rivera Sun’s Celebration Online or In-person!

Mark your calendars! We’re racing toward the finish line – or the launch pad, maybe – and getting ready for the November 10th Launch of The Roots of Resistance‘s Community Publishing Campaign. We’ll send out the link to get your book on that day!

Also, join me for the Dec 2nd Celebration midway through the publishing campaign. If you’re in Taos, NM area, come on down to SOMOS at 3pm and enjoy tasty snacks and Dandelion Wine. Get a signed copy of the book in person and have a chance to support the publishing project, too. If you’re a far-flung friend, sign up for the live stream of the event, hosted on my favorite, easy-to-use platform, Zoom. You’ll be able to watch the reading and hear some rousing remarks about hope and courage in these times. You can also ask questions about the novel via the chatbox, and we’ll answer them! Here’s where to RSVP and get the Zoom link.

Below I’ve included another excerpt from the novel and a “then and now” photo from the pics of both The Dandelion Insurrection and The Roots of Resistance … what an adventure these four years have been! Packed full of living, loving, writing, working for change, speaking up for and about nonviolent action, making friends, deepening, growing, being and becoming! Here’s to a long lifetime of all of the above … and to the birth of The Roots of Resistance.

Excitedly yours,

Rivera Sun

Excerpt from The Roots of Resistance, by Rivera Sun

“The Dandelion Insurrection has always been this way, springing up where one least expects. We’re a swarm of birds, not a silver bullet,” Zadie said. “Our strength is in our diversity and our sheer, dizzying numbers: millions of people, thousands of ideas, hundreds of strategies, dozens of pivot points of change.”

The Dandelion Insurrection was not – and never had been – a unified front, but rather a thousand points of light, momentarily united in blazing solidarity with one another, forming cohorts, breaking apart, reforming in new configurations of coalitions. They responded to nationwide initiatives with autonomy – no orders came down from the top. An idea succeeded or failed because people joined in – or not.

It was madness. It was glorious. It was the Dandelion Insurrection.

They were leaderful, colorful, creative, and unruly, hard to control, impossible to stop. The Dandelion Insurrection burst through the nation with a golden indomitability, demonstrating irresistible resilience. They adapted to tough climates. They grappled hard challenges. They shouldered through cracks in the concrete of control. They were as wild as ecosystems, as versatile as evolution, as experimental as Life’s vigorous emergence. To the forces of greed, the armies of destruction, the ranks of domination, and the lust for control, the Dandelion Insurrection was a nightmare, a headache, a disaster to be stopped. But, like a swooping flock of birds, a buzzing swarm of bees, or a darting school of fish, the movement could not be halted or captured. They rebounded stronger than ever.


Be sure to get a copy on November 10th when the Community Publishing Campaign kicks off … and don’t miss the Dec 2nd Celebration!

Novel News!

Thank you for the wonderful reviews on Amazon, everyone! We recently learned that reviews affect the algorithms that connect readers to books, so every kind word and 5-star review works magic on the backend of the website. If you’d like to leave a review, here’s where to do it. Speaking of thank you’s, I’ve been making tons of handmade cards in knowing anticipation of the number of words of gratitude I’m about to write during the Community Publishing Campaign for The Roots of Resistance. My heart is brimming and overflowing constantly these days.

Life At High Altitude
My twin sister, Marada, came to visit last week. While she here, we replastered my mud oven … which felt symbolic since the oven made an appearance in The Dandelion Insurrection‘s Community Publishing Campaign video and wound up in lots of early book and author photos that have circulated for years. It’s a happy little oven with its new mud, ready for the season ahead. I was delighted to spend a week with Marada … love and family are two of my favorite “treats”. My brother and soon-t0-be sister-in-law also joined us over the weekend. Hooray!