Strategy 4 Action! Webinar w/ Rivera Sun

Note: This webinar has passed. But, good news! There’s another one coming up on May 3rd. Find out more here:

This 2-hr webinar introduces strategic concepts that you can use for a variety of nonviolent action campaigns.

These are tools for everyone! Nonviolent action comes in all shapes and sizes. It’s powerful. It works. In this 2-hr webinar with Rivera Sun, learn the guiding principles of how to make change with nonviolent action. From local campaigns to national issues, you can apply these ideas and tools to every issue you care about.

  • 300+ Methods of Nonviolent Action
  • Designing Direct Action Campaigns
  • Building Mass Participation
  • Gaining Support From Allies & Opponents
  • Build the Solution, Stop the Problem
  • Taking Aim & Choosing Achievable Goals

These are the tools we need for the times we’re in. We’ll cover types of actions we can use during social distancing, and also the kinds of strategies that will help us protect our communities, build alternatives, and push for meaningful change.

Author/Activist Rivera Sun has been training people in strategy for nonviolent change for 6+ years. She works with groups striving for water justice, environmental protection, banning fracking, anti-nuclear, peace efforts, racial justice, economic justice, and more. She is the author of The Dandelion Insurrection and other novels. Rivera is also the editor of Nonviolence News.