Summer Reading Sale!!!
20% Off All Books and Discount Shipping!

(I see hammocks and beach chairs and books in your future.)

Big news on all fronts … major changes in the world of this red-headed authoress. I’ll tell you more below, but first, let me share the GREAT news. We’re having a Summer Reading Sale on our website. The days are getting hot and lazy around here in New Mexico, so we thought this would be a great time to add some epic stories to your summer reading stack. Or to send a book to a friend. Or (and this is really the best idea) to send The Way Between to a kid with time on her hands this summer. Can you imagine being 10-11 years old and being handed that amazing story? I can. My ten-year-old self would have devoured every page and spent the rest of the summer practicing the Way Between wearing a black cloak just like Ari Ara’s. Come September, I’d head back to school with some anti-bullying insights in my back pocket … and eagerly awaiting the next novel in the series.

Here’s where to find our Summer Reading Sale, 20% off all books, and a super-great shipping rate:

The sale is this week only, so if you’ve been itching to get The Dandelion Insurrection for your friend, or read Steam Drills or Billionaire Buddha, or get a whole collection for your local library, now is the perfect time!

Now for the big news … if you haven’t heard via email, phone call, or social media, I’ve had an interesting month. I underwent an emergency surgery to remove two cancerous lumps on my ovaries and uterus, and will be following up with further treatment over the summer. The good news? I’m doing GREAT. Seriously. I’m not just saying that. I’ve got a lot of love and support, excellent doctors, a rockin’ naturopath, and (as y’all know) a hefty dose of spiritual strength to carry me through. Now that I’m (somewhat) recovered from the surgery, I’m writing again. I move a bit slower than my usual breakneck pace, take naps, and spend time each day thanking my body and this world for the gift of life. So, don’t worry. It doesn’t do me or you any good.

(If you’d like to do something, buy a book and share the stories with someone you love. It helps me and your friends.)

I hope your summer is filled with beautiful stories – both unfolding on the page and in real life. May your adventures be filled with good friends and surmountable challenges. And may all of our hearts be present and clear for and with one another through these times.