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Rise And Live!

Stay asleep, by all means. If you wish to die, sleepwalking over the cliff edge of extinction is one way to go. Stay afraid, by all means. If you wish to die, cowering in fear until poverty starves or the police state kills you is one way to go. Stay addicted, by all means. If […]

The Dawn of Tomorrow is Today!

The Dawn of Tomorrow is Today!

Look beyond this night of darkness to the dawn of tomorrow. There is a world beyond the apocalypse, a world beyond war, a world of music and dance; a world where the children are laughing and time stretches slowly; where the Earth lives in the hearts, minds, and souls of our people. There is a […]

Envisioning Revolution with George La...

Envisioning Revolution with George Lakey

“The Quakers read the Bible like Jesus intended, shared it with Tolstoy, who inspired Gandhi, who set the state for Dr. King. We’ve got a tradition and we all gotta learn it, study it, and walk in it all our days.” – The Dandelion Insurrection by Rivera Sun George Lakey was first arrested in the […]

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