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Remembering Nonviolent History: Blue ...

Remembering Nonviolent History: Blue Revolution – Kuwaiti Women Gain Suffrage

The successful conclusion of Kuwait’s Blue Revolution came on May 17th, 2005 when Kuwaiti women gained suffrage after more than 40 years of struggle. The women used a wide variety of approaches to achieve their goals, including lobbying, introducing repeated legislation, protests and demonstration, marches, rallies, and mock elections. Like many women’s suffrage movements around […]

Friday Night Films: Iron Jawed Angels

Friday Night Films: Iron Jawed Angels

If you have a passel of teenage girls headed to your house for a slumber party, perhaps go out on a limb as being the weird parent, and screen Iron Jawed Angels as an act of resistance to violence as usual in the coming of age stories of young women. After all, we’ve been subjected […]

Alice Paul and US Women’s Suffr...

Alice Paul and US Women’s Suffrage

“Alice Paul had “a spirit like Joan of Arc, and it is useless to try to change it. She will die but she will never give up.” – Physician at Occoquan Workhouse where Alice Paul was imprisoned for nonviolent actions to win women’s suffrage in the United States. Alice Paul was born on Jan 11th, […]

Silent Sentinels Start Suffrage Prote...

Silent Sentinels Start Suffrage Protest on Jan 10th, 1917

On this day in nonviolent history, the Silent Sentinels began their two and a half years long protest in front of the White House demanding Women’s Suffrage. They were organized by Alice Paul, Lucy Burns, and the National Woman’s Party. The women began on Jan 10th, 1917 and protested for six days a week until […]

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