Join in the fun of the magical celebration of the Community Publishing Campaign for The Lost Heir, Rivera Sun’s newest, unforgettable, and heart-warming novel.

Today’s the Day! Hooray for The Lost Heir!
Your new favorite book is here!

The adventure begins. You can get The Lost Heir here and help send this book into the world. In our Community Publishing Campaign, you’ll find the early-release, special Author’s Edition of the novel, great perks, gifts for friends, and ways to give this book to young people and readers of all ages!
Find The Lost Heir here.

The Community Publishing Campaign is our annual celebration of the newest Rivera Sun novel . . . and Ari Ara’s latest adventure deserves cheering on! It’s a spectacular story, possibly my best book ever (says an early reader), and its quest for justice is woven with nonviolence, peace, love, courage, and fun. Urchins strike clever bargains. Workers rise up for freedom. Ball gowns and high fashion collide with tomboys and adventures. And one young redhead turns the whole world upside down by following her heart into an adventure like no other. 
You’re going to love it. And your friends,
young and old, will love it, too.

This year, I am encouraging everyone to “Get One, Give One”, by picking up a copy of the book for yourself and getting a set of Ari Ara’s books for a young person. The best way for our youth to get these books is for YOU to give it to them. Another good way is for you to pick up a set for your local library. If we want to see a strong, empowered next generation, these are the stories they (and we!) need to read, share, celebrate, and embody.

And check out all the creative, unique, and wonderful thank-you perks! I’ve really gone creative with the perks this year. Dariel cried (happy) tears reading “Alaren and the Feast Day Ceasefire”, a special short story about how the founder of the Way Between stopped a war one magical winter night with a fiddle, a fire, and a great deal of courage. Inspired by the real life Christmas Day Ceasefire during WWI, this is just one of 30 Stories of the Third Brother I’ve written. “Supporters of the Series” will receive these short story each week for the next 30 weeks with our online serialized version! And there’s so much more, including a brand-new edition of The Way Between with a new cover design to make the series, a dazzling gem of an outtake scene from The Lost Heir, the Stories of the Third Brother as an online series, original artwork from my sketchbook, Ari Ara bookmarks, and more.


Enjoy the thank-you gifts in our Community Publishing Campaign.

Thank you for joining in the fun, cheering on the new book, and supporting the whole writing process from number two pencils to colorful covers to getting reviews posted and shared. Your support makes my writing possible. I am incredibly grateful that, year after year, we are able to gift the world with a great story. The world is made of stories, and we’re putting an empowering, exciting, and love-based tale out at a time when such stories are the saving grace and hoped-for dreams of us all. 

Thanks for sharing the adventure,


PS What’s this book about? Here’s the description!  “With all the fun of a sword-swinging adventure, but without the violence, The Lost Heir spins a spectacular story with strong female characters and powerful social justice themes. Young Ari Ara has been discovered to be the Lost Heir, the double royal daughter of two nations. When she learns that her mother’s people have forced her father’s desert people to sell their labor in exchange for water, she sets out on a quest for justice. ‘Armed’ with nonviolence and love, Ari Ara launches a youth movement to restore the honor and dignity of both her peoples. Unexpected allies rush to her side: the urchin queen, a monkish young scholar, a desert seamstress, and a mysterious hawk keeper. Before she knows it, she’s sparked an uprising like nothing Mariana Capital has ever seen!” Find The Lost Heir here.

A shero with spunk and spark, Ari Ara confronts prejudice, discrimination, bullying, violence, and injustice with all the action, adventure, magic, and fantasy that readers love!