Get ready for an adventure! The world’s pluckiest, nonviolence-wielding shero is diving into a story you’re going to love!

The Lost Heir is for mighty girls and courageous boys, adventure-seekers, peacebuilders, parents, teachers, and everyone else!

With all the fun of a sword-swinging adventure, but without the violence, The Lost Heir spins a spectacular story with strong female charactersand powerful social justice themes. Young Ari Ara has been discovered to be the Lost Heir, the double royal daughter of two nations. When she learns that her mother’s people have forced her father’s desert people to sell their labor in exchange for water, she sets out on a quest for justice. ‘Armed’ with nonviolence and love, Ari Ara launches a youth movement to restore the honor and dignity of both her peoples. Unexpected allies rush to her side: the urchin queen, a monkish young scholar, a desert seamstress, and a mysterious hawk keeper. Before she knows it, she’s sparked an uprising like nothing Mariana Capital has ever seen!

A shero with spunk and spark, Ari Ara confronts prejudice, discrimination, bullying, violence, and injustice with all the action, adventure, magic, and fantasy that readers love!

Kids, parents, and teachers agree: you’ll love this book!

The Lost Heir
The Lost Heir
With all the fun of a sword-swinging adventure, but without the violence, The Lost Heir spins a spectacular story with strong female characters and powerful social justice themes. Young Ari Ara has been discovered to be the Lost Heir, the double royal daughter of two nations. When she learns that her mother's people have forced her father's desert people to sell their labor in exchange for water, she sets out on a quest for justice, 'armed' with nonviolence and love. (Paperback Edition)
The Way Between
Between flight and fight lies a mysterious third path called the Way Between, and young shepherdess and orphan Ari Ara must master it . . . before war destroys everything she loves! She begins training as the apprentice of the great warrior Shulen, and enters a world of warriors and secrets, swords and magic, friendship and mystery. She uncovers forbidden prophecies, searches for the lost heir to two thrones, and chases the elusive forest-dwelling Fanten to unravel their hidden knowledge. A wonderful story for our times! Kids, parents, grandparents, teachers, peacebuilders and activists all love The Way Between! (Paperback Edition)
Desert Song
A girl in exile, a trickster horse, and the women rising up! Exiled to the desert, young Ari Ara is caught between the warriors trying to grab power . . . and the women rising up to stop them! Ari Ara has to find her place - and her voice - in this strange culture . . . but time is running out. One by one, the women's voices are being silenced, cut from the Desert Song. Can Ari Ara and her friends restore the balance before violence breaks out? Readers of all ages will love this adventurous tale of strong women and mighty girls! (Paperback Edition) LEARN MORE>>
The Adventures of Alaren
In a series of clever and creative escapades, the legendary folkhero Alaren rallies thousands of people to take bold and courageous action for peace. Weaving new epic tales from real-life inspirations, author Rivera Sun brings a new kind of hero to life. The Adventures of Alaren offers perfect stories to teach peace at home, conflict resolution in the classroom, and nonviolence in faith and peace centers. Each fictional folktale includes a footnote on the real-life inspiration and discussion questions for classrooms and small groups. (Paperback Edition) LEARN MORE>>

Praise for The Lost Heir

“Rivera Sun is a poet and her prose is poetic and full of imagery and figurative language, so that the reader is swept up in the story and his or her imagination is ignited by the  author’s beautifully descriptive and poetic use of language. She is able to paint pictures with her words.” – Casey Dorman, Author and Editor. Read more on The Lost Coast Review.

The Lost Heir lives in that part of me that is pre-industrial and trying to understand human interactions. The story is based in that ancient dynamic of neighboring tribal animosity and loyalty focused through the discovery (The Way Between, Book One,) of an amazing young lost heir who has the potential of sparking either kingdom to kingdom unity or war. It is the strong emphasis on seeing the power of nonviolence (called “The Way Between”) in practical use that sets this young adult novel apart. We accompany the young heir in tense moments where nonviolence provides strategic opportunities for justice and peaceful resolution. We also get to inhabit a richly complex construct of nobles, warriors, urchins and desert water workers alongside her… her story is remarkably animated in how it stays with you. I can’t wait to read the next part of Ari Ara’s life!” – Chris Nelson, Peace Activist and cohost of Chico Peace & Justice Radio Show

“Well you did it. The end of The Lost Heir brought tears to this old guys eyes. I think because you so beautifully wove direct action nonviolence, aikido, and the spirituality of nonviolence together in Azar it touched me deeply.” – Glenn Cratty, Peace Activist

“I’m finally able to sit down and read The Lost Heir (hooray!) and just got to the part when the orphans and urchins are celebrating Aria’s birthday and dancing in the streets. When Emir made his observations and spoke of hope I got tears in my eyes. Hope. One of my favorite words. Can’t wait to keep reading!!” – Robin Wildman, Nonviolent Schools Project

“This is exactly the kind of story I want to share with my daughter, and the heroine is the kind of person I hope she will become.” – Noel Wetzel, Mother

The Lost Heir arrived the other day and Ari Ara’s saga of love and non-violence continues. Downright awesome story telling.” – Lars Prip, Veteran for Peace

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If you’re intrigued by The Lost Heir, check out The Way Between!

Before Ari Ara is discovered to be the missing heir to two thrones, she’s a half-wild orphan running the slopes of the High Mountains. When the Great Warrior Shulen comes to train young warriors, no one is more surprised that she is that he selects her to be his apprentice in the mysterious, nonviolent Way Between.

Read an excerpt from The Way Between:

More reviews of The Lost Heir

The Lost Heir is a beautifully written and thought provoking book. The main character goes on an unexpected journey dealing with the challenges she is presented in a nonviolent and constructive manner. The characters are well written and the story evolves in such a way that is both unexpected and excited. I enjoyed reading this book and I look forward to when my daughter is old enough that I can read it to her. ” – Dustin Hausner, peace activist and parent.

“Rivera Sun is an amazing author. The way she threads the principles of nonviolence into the fabric of her novels is a beautiful experience. It is an education that everyone in the world needs – now more than ever.” – Heart Phoenix, River Phoenix Center for Peacebuilding

“Rivera Sun deserves an international audience and I hope she gets it.” – Amber French, Editorial Advisor, International Center on Nonviolent Conflict

“Five stars. It’s Harry Potter with a contemporary message.”– Gayle Morrow, retired Y/A Librarian

“In this book Rivera Sun pulls off an impressive feat, creating an original exciting story that deftly teaches ways to create a world that works for all.  Thank you, Rivera Sun, for another outstanding contribution to the field of nonviolence through this series!” – Kit Miller, Executive Director, M.K. Gandhi Center for Nonviolence

“I highly recommend gathering the children around you and reading The Way Between and The Lost Heir so everyone can enjoy and embrace these masterfully-told, exciting adventures.” – Scotty Bruer, Founder of PeaceNow

“I highly recommend this novel to adults and children alike. You will be inspired by Ari Ara!” – Angela Parker, Mother and Board Member of the Social Justice Center of Marin

“During times when so many of us, especially the young, are still figuring out how to make this planet more just and livable, this book couldn’t have come at a better time.” – Patrick Hiller, War Prevention Initiative

“Ms. Sun has created a world filled with all the adventure and fun of mystics, martial arts, and magic contained in The Hobbit, The Ring Trilogy, and the Harry Potter series but with deeper messages. There are not enough superlatives to describe this series!” – Brenda Duffy, Retired Teacher

“The strong emphasis on seeing the power of nonviolence in practical use sets this young adult novel apart. The story is remarkably animated – it stays with you!” – Chris Nelson, Chico Peace & Justice Radio

“Rivera Sun has once again made the practice and methods of strategic nonviolence clearly accessible and understandable to both adults and youth in an entertaining and exciting story. The Lost Heir is both sobering and uplifting, and a “must read” for fans of fantasy and science fiction.” – Michael Colvin, Oregon Fellowship of Reconciliation

“Rivera Sun’s creativity, wisdom, insight and joyful nonviolent activism for all ages fills me with awe and hope. If we were all to read her books the way we have read Harry Potter’s, we would be well on our way to sending a different message to our children.” – Veronica Pelicaric, Pace e Bene/Campaign Nonviolence

“So good! This is exactly the kind of book I like to read and I really loved the message. It is already making me see things in a different way.” – Beth Preston, Third Grade Teacher“The reader is swept up in the story and his or her imagination is ignited by the author’s beautifully descriptive use of language.” – Casey Dorman, Editor of The Lost Coast Review

“Nonviolence is rediscovering our true selves, so in a way, we are all Lost Heirs. Don’t just give this book to someone, read it with them.” – Stephanie Van Hook, Executive Director, Metta Center for Nonviolence