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Today is a special day. It’s the fruit of an entire year’s worth of my labor-of-love called writing. It’s the start of a great celebration. It’s the time when the new novels burst out of my heart and home, and go out into the world through the help of many others. The Community Publishing Campaign is part of the magic of the novels – magic we create together.  

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This year, for the first time ever, I’m releasing TWO books at once: Desert Song and The Adventures of Alaren. These thrilling stories will delight, excite, and inspire you. Desert Song is a tale of mighty girls and strong women standing up for their rights. It’s a beautiful story full of mystery and magic, song and sweeping desert skies. Our favorite young shero is longing to be accepted in her father’s desert culture . . . but no matter what she does, Ari Ara turns the world upside down! 

“There’s magic in these books . . . and there’s magic in the way
we – YOU and me – bring them into the world.” – Rivera Sun

But wait, there’s more! The Adventures of Alaren are the fictional folktales of Ari Ara’s world. They’re illuminating, eye-opening, funny and surprising. Each one is inspired by a real-life tale of waging peace – and you can find those true stories in the book, along with discussion questions.  

I love the Community Publishing Campaign. It’s the way a solo-art like writing becomes a shared celebration. It’s the way YOU can help change the story of the world by changing the stories our world reads and shares.  There’s joy and fun and vision and hope to the way we bring these books into the world.  I hear from readers all the time – kids, parents, teachers, activists – who tell me how much they LOVE these books.  I am forever grateful for your support. I couldn’t do it without you!

You can find Desert Song and The Adventures of Alaren, along with unique and wonderful thank-you “perks” here.

With gratitude and excitement,

Why do these novels matter? A picture is worth a thousand words. Here are a pair of young girls dressed up as Ari Ara and the Urchin Queen (from The Lost Heir, Book 2 of the series) for Halloween.  Our world needs the kind of stories that inspire young people to imagine themselves as nonviolence-wielding, peace-waging sheroes. Your support of the Community Publishing Campaign helps us grow more of these kinds of sheroes!

Note: You can find the first two books in the Ari Ara series here. Or you can get the whole series through our Community Publishing Campaign.