Skylandia-North-Country-MemeNorth Country Mornings
from Skylandia: Farm Poetry
by Rivera Sun

On north country mornings,
you can slip between worlds
as easily as stepping out of bed,
rising half-groggy,
and walk out into the mist.

Light frost etching lace
on every gold meadow stalk,
fog hung off the ponds
hushed and reverent,
breath of earth
on the air.

Grasses standing frozen
alongside ochre
and umber
bronze wild plants
caught in bloom,
each seed head
separated in frost,
each short blade
spiked straight up
from the ground.

Skylandia 55

Near the pine trees, you can see my tiny cabin. Down the hill, out of the frame is the hundred year old farmhouse.

The old farm road,
leads only to mysteries,
the veil of morning
still lowered
to the edge
of the forest.

You hover,
as the light rises
fog lifts
and the land yawns
its way into day.

A note from Rivera: Skylandia: Farm Poetry is a collection of poems reflecting on my childhood growing up on an organic farm in Maine. These are scratchy, bug-bitten poems; sweet loam scented poems; snowflakes in your hair poems . . . stories about family, obnoxious politicians, rugged farmers and old French Acadians. They’re tactile verses, full of emotion and texture. Writing them brought great joy to me, as if I were tromping the fields and forests once again. My family still farms up there on the border of Canada. It is still magical and mysterious. It still calls to me.

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